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Bishopton Pedal 2020

Today should have been the start of the Big Pedal walking/cycling/scooting national competition that we all enjoy so much each year.

This year we’re turning it into the Bishopton Pedal.

As part of your daily exercise, we would like you to try to cycle, scoot or walk every day for the next 2 weeks.  Please make sure that bikes and scooters are safe for you to use and that you wear helmets on your bike just as you would if you were at school. If you do not have access to a safe place to cycle, scoot or walk please just carry on with all the other daily fitness ideas provided by your teachers.

Remember all your family are welcome to join in too.

Be safe and have fun.


P1C – Digital Learning Week Beginning 23.03.20

Good afternoon!

Tomorrow we begin a new journey together… learning at home! To help with this I will be posting a copy of our weekly timetable on our Class Team page. This way you will be able to see what is coming up over the course of the week.

Each morning I will set daily assignments for you to complete. It is entirely up to you when these are completed throughout the day and in what order. Some of the tasks will be active whereas others will be written. The completed written tasks can be returned to us by attaching them to the original assignment. Please click here for details on how to complete this. Also, if you were in school last week, a blue jotter was sent home. Tasks may also be completed in this.  Remember, I will be available to help, if needed, so please use the chat facility on our Team page. You may also email me if you would prefer. I will be online from 9.00am.

Every day, I would like all of you to ‘check-in’ with me by posting a reply to the ‘register’ which will be posted on our Class Team page each morning. I will say ‘Good Morning P1C’ and you can let me know you have read it at some point throughout the day by replying with a ‘hi’ or hello’.

I am hoping that someone at home can send me photos, or videos, of you and your work, so I can see what you are getting up to.

Above all, please don’t worry about this next step in your child’s learning. I am here to help in any way that we can.

Please continue to revise our sounds and the sight words on your child’s word walls. On Friday, your child was given an extra word wall for when they have completed their current one. If your child was off I will email you a copy over the next few days. Tasks will be set each week relating to our new sounds/words however revision of all sounds and words would also be beneficial.

As always, any questions please ask.

Miss Cuthill

Primary 1C

Good morning,

Primary 1C had a brilliant day yesterday. We had a movie morning with P1-P3, a special golden time, our P7 buddies then surprised us and we got to sign their shirts! We then finished with Read and Munch.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say I’ve had a great time teaching P1C! What an amazing first year in school they’ve had and they’ve been an absolute joy to teach. They all worked incredibly hard and I am so proud to have watched them grow in confidence. I have enjoyed getting to know them and thank them for their happy smiles and making me laugh everyday. 

I will be online from 9am every weekday posting tasks and activities for your child. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you all for your continued support and kind words yesterday. Stay safe and I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Cuthill

Class Assignments – Thursday

Image result for microsoft teams logo

Good morning,

Just to let you know that all of the assignments for today’s self-isolating children have been posted on the class teams. You should log onto Glow, use the Microsoft Teams tab and then your specific class tab. All assignments should then be available to you. If you are having issues accessing them, please let me know and I will try to help:

Mrs O’Neill



P1C – Glow and Microsoft Teams

Good afternoon,

If you haven’t already done so, please help the children to log on to Glow and post a message (This is the Scottish Schools National Intranet, you can find it by searching Glow in Google.)  This will allow me to check that everyone can access Glow at home. Further details can be found here.  The children have been shown how to access Microsoft Teams, which is the app shown first on the Bishopton Apps List.

If you have any questions about this or require another copy of your child’s user name or password just let me know.

Many thanks,

Miss Cuthill


Big Pedal 2020

Good news !  The Big Pedal cycling, scooting and walking challenge is back.  From Wednesday 22nd April to Tuesday 5th May we would like you to bring your bike or scooter to school every day. You will get the chance to bike or scoot with your classmates and your teacher. If you can’t bring a bike or scooter, you can walk and that will count too.  For more information have a look at the Big Pedal website.

This is a national competition to see how many journeys we can make biking, scooting or walking. Please ask an adult to check that your bike or scooter is in good working order. You may bring a lock to use but you must be responsible for the key.

Rules – all cyclists MUST wear a helmet

– no cycling or scooting in the playground ( or the ashy path) unless you are with your teacher (on the way in/out, playtime and lunchtime)

We have taken part in this challenge for the last few years and it is always good fun.  We are usually in the top 10. Let’s try for top 3 this year!

Happy cycling/scooting/walking

Mrs Ferguson

Primary 1C Week Beginning 16.3.20

Good morning,

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Reading – your child has been issued with a new reading book. Please read this with your child and encourage them to sound out words (if applicable) and use reading strategies such as looking at the pictures.

Can I please ask that reading books are kept in book bags to allow me to go over these with your child.

Reading for enjoyment – Your child has chosen a new book to read for enjoyment. Please continue to use the 3 sharings to discuss the story. 

Sounds – Last week was a revision week so no new sound cards have been added. Please continue to practise all sounds.

Word walls – please continue to practise the words highlighted pink. Please keep word walls in book bags.

Maths – Please choose another activity to do with your child and date beside this when complete.

Health & Wellbeing – Target sheets have been added to the book bags with a new target for this month.

Reading Passports – Please continue to complete for any books read at home.


  • P.E. will be on Monday & Wednesday. Earrings must be taped and long hair tied back.
  • Read & Munch will be on Friday.
  • Please check that your child can log in to their Glow account – more details here. If you have any questions about this or need another copy of your child’s user name or password just let me know.


Miss Cuthill

P1 – Glow and Microsoft Teams

Good afternoon,

P1 pupils have been issued with an email address and password for Glow. Please use this to log in to Glow (This is Scottish Schools National Intranet). The children will be shown how to access Microsoft Teams, which is the app shown first on the Bishopton Apps List, over the next few days.

Please log in using your child’s sign in to check it is working properly. If you have any problems, please let your child’s class teacher know as soon as possible.

Many thanks,

P1 Teachers

Primary 1C – W/B 9.3.20

Good afternoon, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.


Sounds: Sound cards for “er” and “ar” have been added to the book bags. Please continue to practise all of the sounds and actions. These should be looked over as often as possible at home. To challenge your child, please ask them to think of/find something that begins with or contains that specific sound.

Word Walls: Word walls will be handed out tomorrow. Please practise the words highlighted in pink.

Reading: New reading books have been issued. Please read them with your child, discussing the story/words. The children should sound out the words and, where necessary, use the picture clues to help them “read” the words.

Please continue to read the book your child chose for enjoyment.

These books can be added to your child’s reading passport.

Maths: Please choose one of the dotted activities on the maths sheet. Once completed, please sign and date the sheet beside the chosen task.

H&WB: March school targets are being set with the children. I have taken the target sheets out of book bags to do this. If your child’s target sheet is at home please send this in so I can set a target for them.


  1. P.E. will be on Monday and Wednesday. Please remember long hair should be tied back and earrings removed or covered.
  2. Please remember to add any books your child has read to their Reading Challenge Passport.
  3. Book bags should be checked each evening for homework and any letters which may have been issued. These letters should be removed from the book bag.
  4. Read & Munch will be on Friday.

As always, if you have any questions regarding homework, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Cuthill