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P1P and P1S

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Good evening,

Just a note to let you know that Mrs O’Neill and I plan to continue to use Teams as our main form of communication. Please refer to your class Teams page for up-to-date information about each class. This will include information about weekly homework tasks which we will set as assignments, and they will go live every Monday morning.

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can help you with anything. 🙂

Mrs McAvoy and Mrs O’Neill

P1 Weekly Overviews

Weekly overviews for all classes have now been posted on your class Teams page.

Please note that our first live Teams Meetings will take place on Monday at the following times:

P1P – 12.30pm

P1S – 2.45pm

P1C – 3.00pm

P1M – 12.30pm

P1W – 12.30pm

More information about live meetings will be posted on your class team tomorrow.


P1 Teachers

P1 Home Learning

We hope you are all keeping well and have had a lovely Christmas holiday at home. As we move to virtual teaching for a while, we just wanted to give you a little heads up of what to expect over the coming weeks.

Weekly Timetable

We plan to try and keep our days as close to a regular school day as possible; however, we are aware that every family’s circumstances will be different, so please don’t worry about completing all activities within a given day at a specific time. All we ask is that you try your best and we will be here to support you, and your grown-ups, as and when needed throughout the school day. 😊

We will upload a weekly overview every Sunday on Teams and the blog. This will let you see what learning is planned for the week ahead and will hopefully help you plan your days to suit your needs.

Daily Assignments, Teaching and Tasks

Your individual assignments for that day will be posted at 8.30 am. These assignments will have a closing date set for one month, so you can hand in assignments late up until this date.

We will be delivering learning in a variety of different ways. These include recorded PowerPoints, videos, links to enhance lessons and so on. Please attach your work, as and when appropriate, to each individual assignment, to allow us to give you feedback directly. If you are having any problems with this, please email and let us know.

We will post any other suggested tasks, which are linked and relevant to our weekly planner, directly onto our Teams page.


A huge part of our day in Primary 1 is learning through play. Please remember to schedule lots of time to do this whether that be playing with your toys, creating games, using ICT. . . it’s all relevant! Keep an eye on the File called ‘Ideas To Keep Busy At Home’ which we will update with documents and websites to give you suggestions of things to do indoors.

Morning Fitness and Daily Registration Posts

We plan to start each morning with a suggested fitness post. These links will be posted before 9am to allow you to engage with the live Joe Wick’s lessons at 9 am on certain days if you wish.

We will then post our registration post at 9.30 am each day where we ask you to say hi to us to check in and allow us to complete our required register for that day. Please note that you may reply to this post at any point throughout the day.

Live Daily Check-In

During the first lockdown in March, we enjoyed our successful live check-ins with our class. We, therefore, plan to do this again and we hope to bring everyone (who is available) together online at some point each day. More information about these will be provided on your Team page on Monday.

We hope that this information has been useful. Please remember to not worry or stress about anything. We are all in this together and we welcome feedback to help make this process as smooth and as easy as possible.

We look forward to speaking with you on Monday.

Stay Safe!

Primary 1 Teachers.

P1P/P1S Halloween Fun

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What a fun day we had in P1P and P1S today. It was wonderful to see everyone’s outfits and costumes – the children were clearly very excited to see other other looking a little different than normal! We were very busy taking part in lots of activities with a Halloween twist. From Halloween themed SEAL, to watching Room on the Broom. We even managed to put a Halloween twist on our French culture lesson – Henri Matisse style pumpkins! Here are some pictures from our day.


Missing Jumpers

Can you please double check your child’s school jumpers to ensure that they belong to them? We are missing a few school jumpers. I am informed that these jumpers are named.

If you discover a jumper that does not belong to your child, please hand it to your child’s teacher. Thank you!

We hope you have a lovely holiday weekend.

Stay safe and have fun! 🙂


Can I kindly ask you to double check your child’s jacket and school bag please to ensure that they have the correct belongings? A child in P1P is missing a red raincoat that has sharks on it. This raincoat should have the child’s surname written on the label.

If you locate this raincoat, please hand it into your child’s teacher and ask them to pass it onto me.

Many thanks,

Mrs McAvoy

P1P and P1S STEM DAY 2020

We had a fantastic day on Friday,  taking part in STEM day, organised by Bishopton Primary’s wonderful STEM ambassadors and their supporting teachers.

The STEM ambassador’s designed this day around the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger – one of many goals that all United Nations Member States seek to achieve by 2030.

We began our day by meeting our STEM ambassador representatives for the day, and the girls did a fantastic job delivering their presentation. With knowledge of our morning task to design a biodegradable plant pot, we set off on a nature hunt outside to see what we could find to use on our pots. LOTS of fun was had doing this despite the weather!

When we returned to the classroom, the children worked together to design their biodegradable plant pots before planting some herbs in them. We are very excited to watch them grow in class!

After lunch we read a book called ‘The World Came To My Place Today’ about a boy called George who was fascinated to learn that everything he eats or touches comes from different places around the world. We were amazed by this as well – it certainly prompted a lot of questions! After discussing the story, P1 worked in small groups to recreate their favourite part of the book. Considering this was only the second time that we had formally asked the children to do this, Mrs O’Neill and I were impressed with their effort!

We learned about the different parts of a plant and what they need to grow and stay healthy. Following this, we planted some strawberry seeds to see if they will grow in our classroom enviroment. We hope so!

Finally, P1 were challenged to use their creative problem solving skills to create something that they use in their house using a variety of resources including Big Blocks, Lego and Kid K’Nex. We had lots of fantastic ideas and models including stairs, chairs, tables and even a bed!

Thanks again to our two lovely STEM ambassadors for all of their help throughout the day.

Here are some photos of our biodegradable plant pots.



P1P and P1S Nativity Costumes

All children will receive a note in their book bags this week confirming the clothes that we kindly ask you to provide for our Nativity performance. We have also written a generic list below for your convenience. Please note that we are not expecting anyone to buy anything new so please let us know if you have any problems sourcing anything. Most children can wear their indoor black plimsoles that are in school already unless stated. All clothes should be sent into school, in a bag labelled with your child’s name, no later than Friday 13th please. Thank you!

Mrs McAvoy and Mrs O’Neill


P1P and P1S Costumes:

Sam, Samantha and Dancers (Jeans or denim skirt/dress and a checked shirt. Any shoes will be fine but as we are going with a country/western theme, if you have any boots, that would be great.)

Shrews (grey leggings/trousers, grey t-shirt/top.)

Innkeeper (Shorts and t-shirt)

Fiddlers (black jeans/trousers and black t-shirt/top)

Angels (white vest top and white shoes)

Gabriel (shorts)

3 Kings (shorts and white vest or t-shirt)

Shepherds (Shorts and vest top)

Donkey (black shorts and t-shirt)

Mary (Shorts and t-shirt  + sandals)

Joseph (blue shorts and t-shirt + sandals)

P1 Festive Wonderland

Primary 1 are looking for a variety of things to help us transform the area between our classrooms into a role play festive wonderland. If you have any of the following items lying around the house and you are happy to donate them, please send into school by Friday. Thank you!

We are looking for:

  • tinsel
  • wrapping paper
  • cotton wool
  • recycled cardboard boxes, cards, envelopes (anything that the children can use to create their own gifts and write their own letters.)
  • Battery operated Christmas lights.

Please do not go out and buy anything. We are just looking for things that you already have and are willing to donate.

Thank you for your support.

Primary One Teachers