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Primary 1: Wider Achievements

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Each week at our assembly we share and acknowledge any wider achievements the children may have attained outside of school. This may be reaching a new level at swimming, taking part in a tournament or being awarded a new badge at Rainbows or Cubs. Please be aware it does not need to be club or sports related or winning an award. You may feel your child deserves recognition for other things they are a part of outside of school. They may have raised money for a charity. Or perhaps they regularly help with family members in some way.

Due to current restrictions we may not be made aware of such achievements therefore, we need your help to ensure they are still receiving the congratulations they deserve. Please let us know if your child has been a part of something that deserves recognition. You may do this by emailing the information. If your child has a new badge or cup or medal to show, please also send a photograph. Or you may catch us at the door in the morning or at the end of the day. We will then make sure the information is shared at our next assembly. We have lots of achievers in our school and this deserves to be shared and recognised.

Mrs O’Neill & Mrs McAvoy

Primary 1: Scottish Poems

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The children will be learning a Scottish poem to recite in front of the class the week beginning 24th January. A winner will be chosen from each class. These children will then represent their class at our virtual Scottish whole school assembly.

Your child should choose ONE poem from the sheet that went home today. We would be very grateful if you could work with your child to help them learn their poem and practice performing it in preparation for their performance.

Please click on the links below to listen to each poem.

Mince and Tatties


Robin Reidbreist


Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy

Primary 1: P.E. Update

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Good afternoon,

As of next week we will be having our P.E. sessions in the gym hall. We ask that your child comes to school dressed in their relaxed uniform of polo shirt and leggings/trackies on P.E. days. We also ask that you send in a pair of indoor shoes to be used. These can be kept in class. If you wish for the shoes to stay in school, please ensure each shoe is clearly marked with your child’s name. P.E. dates for each class are as follows:

P1S: Monday and Friday

P1P: Tuesday and Friday

Any questions, please ask.

Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy

Primary 1: Lost Property

LOST PROPERTY ITEMS | St John's Primary School

We have a number of items that have been left in class. There are no names so we are unable to find the owners. Please have a nosey at the photograph below and if you recognise anything that may belong to your child, please let me know. Both the jumper and zipper are age 5/6 years. The leggings are from Next: one age 6 years and the other age 7 years.

Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill

Primary 1: Nativity Live Performance

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Good evening! As you know, the live performance of our Nativity will be on Tuesday at 9.45am. This will be done via Google Meet. The code for this will be sent home with your child on Monday. If your child is not going to be in school on Monday but will be in for the performance on Tuesday, please let me know and I will email the information to you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs O’Neill

Primary 1: Christmas Jumper Day

Good evening everyone! What a festive day we had today filled with lots of Christmas fun! You all looked amazing in your Christmas jumpers to help support the Save the Children campaign. You also had your very first Christmas lunch in school. The dinner hall was filled with some very catchy Christmas tunes that we were able to sing along to. I hope you all had lots of fun.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you all on Monday.

Primary 1: Nativity

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Good evening! We are now into full swing with our Nativity rehearsals and our “set” is looking amazing! For our performance next week we are looking to use a small amount of face paint on some of our characters: animals, stars and angels. If you would rather face paint was not used on your child, please let us know. You may reply to this post or catch us at the door in the morning or at the end of the day.

Thanking you

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy