P1M and P1W Week Beginning 21st September

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We hope you had a lovely weekend.

Reminders & Homework

Sounds             The 10 Best Ways to Help Kids Learn Phonics (Activities to Help Your Child Learn to Read!) | How to Learn

Last week, we learned the sounds ‘c’, ‘k’ and ‘e’. The links for the Jolly Phonics songs and actions relating to these sounds can be found on the class Teams page. Please continue to practice all of the sounds at home as much as possible, as this will be highly beneficial to your child. We have added a template of sound cards to Teams – you may wish to print these out to use at home or alternatively make your own sound cards.

Sight Words          Sight Words – Mrs. Sheila Hacker – Butterfield Elementary

We have learned the sight words ‘the’, ‘and’, ‘of’,  ‘a’, ‘to’, ‘in’, ‘is’ and ‘you’ to date. The aim is for your child to be able to learn these words by sight, so that they are instantly recognisable, and to be able use them appropriately in an oral sentence. For homework, we would like you to practice these words with your child. This can be done by making individual flashcards for each of the words or trying to recognise them in books. We have provided a little more information on learning sight words on teams. Practicing little and often is the best method for helping your child to learn and retain their sight words.

Health and Wellbeing Target Wheel

Please continue to practice targets at home. Thank you for your help with these – we are seeing great progress with the childrens independence in class.

Term 1 Target Wheel

Reading        Two children reading books in school - Download Free Vectors, Clipart Graphics & Vector Art

Your child will take their chosen picture book home today, to enjoy reading with you. Please return this book to school on Thursday of this week. Please remember to use the three sharings when discussing the book: –

  1. Likes & dislikes (What was your favourite part of the story? Is there anything you didn’t like about the story?).
  2. Puzzles (Was there anything that puzzled you or you thought strange? / Were there any parts that you didn’t understand?).
  3. Patterns / Connections (Does this book remind you of any other stories? Can you make any connections between parts of the story and your own life?).

A few of our reading for enjoyment books were not returned to school last week. As we are required to quarantine any books for 72 hours before using them again, can we ask that these are returned as soon as possible.


We have attached a SEAL homework learning wall to files on teams. Please choose one activity to complete with your child.


  1. Our outdoor learning sessions will be on Mon, Wed, and Thu of this week. Please ensure your child has suitable warm and waterproof clothing and footwear for these days.
  2. Please remember, if you haven’t already done so, to log in to your class Teams page and say hello to let us know you can get access ok.
  3. Read & Munch is on Thursday. Your child can bring in a favourite book from home and a healthy snack to enjoy at this time.
  4. School will be closed this Friday 25th and Monday 28th September.
  5. Here is the link to our school lunch options. If your child is having a school lunch, we ask that you discuss the options with them each day, so they are aware of what they are having before coming to school. We will then order their choice for them.
  6. if you have yet to do so, please return the data forms to school as soon as possible. This will allow the office staff to ensure we have the most up to date information on file.

Miss Murray & Miss Wilson

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