P1P/P1S – Homework & Reminders w/b 14.9.2020

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Good afternoon! I  hope you are all having a lovely weekend despite all of the rain we have had. Our homework and reminders for this week can be found below.

Sounds: A PowerPoint has been added to the Jolly Phonics folder which can be found in our Files tab on Teams.  All of the sounds learned to date have been added with a copy of the actions and links to the songs. Please continue to practice all of our sounds at home as much as possible.

SIGHT WORDS: To date we have learned the sight words the, of, and, a, to and in. You should be able to recognise these words on sight and use them in a sentence. For homework we would like you to practice these words. Practicing little and often is the best way for you to learn these words. Ideas of how to do this can be found in the Sight Words folder within the Files tab at the top of our Teams page. Further information on the importance of learning the sight words can also be found in this folder. As we learn a new word in class, we will add it to the flashcard folder.

READING: Our Reading for Enjoyment books will be sent home on Tuesday. If you have a book bag, you may bring it in on this day. The book should then be returned to school on Friday. We ask that you read this with someone at home and discuss the story using our Three Sharings method. Remember we have been using this method in class and Mrs McAvoy and I are very impressed at how confident you are becoming in sharing your thoughts.

  • What did you like about the story? Did you dislike anything about the story?
  • Do you have any connections with anything that happened in the story?
  • Are you puzzled/confused by anything that happened in the story?

SEAL:  Please access the Home Learning Wall A grid that can be found in the SEAL folder in Files on Teams. You should choose one activity to complete this week.

H&WB:  Please continue practicing our targets. You should choose 1 or 2 per week and focus on those before moving on to another one.

A copy of our Target Wheel can be found below.

Term 1 Target Wheel


  1.  Details of our lunch menu can be found here. If you are having a having a school lunch, please remember to discuss the options with someone at home so you are aware of what you are having before coming to school.
  2. Boys and girls, please remember, if you haven’t already done so, to log into your Glow account and say hi on our Teams page. This will let Mrs McAvoy and I know that you have managed to get on ok.
  3. Our outdoor sessions will be on Tuesday-Friday (inclusive).
  4. Mrs McAvoy and I will be out of school on Wednesday for our NCCT. Mrs Kane will be covering P1S and Mrs Hughes will be in for P1P.
  5. Our first Read & Munch session will be on Friday. Further information on this will be issued later this week.
  6. We are still awaiting a few consent forms to be returned. These were sent home early last week in a white envelope. If you haven’t already done so, please return these to school as soon as possible.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend. See you all tomorrow.

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy

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