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Good afternoon! We hope you are all having a lovely weekend despite the craziness that is going on around us. Our time in the classroom may be over, for now, however that doesn’t mean our learning will stop. Tomorrow brings a new way of learning ….. learning at home! To help with this we will be posting a copy of our weekly timetable on our Class Team pages. This way you will be able to see what is coming up over the course of the week.

Each morning Mrs McAvoy and I will set daily assignments for you to complete. It is entirely up to you when these are completed throughout the day and in what order. Some of the tasks will be active whereas others will be written. The completed written tasks can be returned to us by attaching them to the original assignment. Please click here for details on how to complete this. Also, if you were in school last week, a blue jotter was sent home. Tasks may also be completed in this.  Remember, we will be available to help, if needed, so please use the chat facility on our Team page. You may also email us if you would prefer. We will be online from 9.00am.

Every day, we would like all of you to ‘check-in’ with us by posting a reply to the ‘register’ which will be posted on our Class Team page each morning. We will say ‘Good Morning P1P/P1S’ and you can let us know you have read it at some point throughout the day by replying with a ‘hi’ or hello’.

Please remember, there will be teething problems until we settle into this new way of learning. However, if we all work together, we are confident it will all fall into place very soon. We are hoping that someone at home can send us photos, or videos, of you and your work, so we can see what you are getting up to.

Above all, please don’t worry about this next step in your child’s learning. We are here to help in any way that we can.


Please continue to practice our sounds and the sight words on your child’s word walls. Tasks will be set each week relating to our new sounds/words however practice of all sounds and words would also be beneficial.

As always, any questions please ask.

Take care

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy





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