P1P and P1S STEM DAY 2020

We had a fantastic day on Friday,  taking part in STEM day, organised by Bishopton Primary’s wonderful STEM ambassadors and their supporting teachers.

The STEM ambassador’s designed this day around the Sustainable Development Goal of Zero Hunger – one of many goals that all United Nations Member States seek to achieve by 2030.

We began our day by meeting our STEM ambassador representatives for the day, and the girls did a fantastic job delivering their presentation. With knowledge of our morning task to design a biodegradable plant pot, we set off on a nature hunt outside to see what we could find to use on our pots. LOTS of fun was had doing this despite the weather!

When we returned to the classroom, the children worked together to design their biodegradable plant pots before planting some herbs in them. We are very excited to watch them grow in class!

After lunch we read a book called ‘The World Came To My Place Today’ about a boy called George who was fascinated to learn that everything he eats or touches comes from different places around the world. We were amazed by this as well – it certainly prompted a lot of questions! After discussing the story, P1 worked in small groups to recreate their favourite part of the book. Considering this was only the second time that we had formally asked the children to do this, Mrs O’Neill and I were impressed with their effort!

We learned about the different parts of a plant and what they need to grow and stay healthy. Following this, we planted some strawberry seeds to see if they will grow in our classroom enviroment. We hope so!

Finally, P1 were challenged to use their creative problem solving skills to create something that they use in their house using a variety of resources including Big Blocks, Lego and Kid K’Nex. We had lots of fantastic ideas and models including stairs, chairs, tables and even a bed!

Thanks again to our two lovely STEM ambassadors for all of their help throughout the day.

Here are some photos of our biodegradable plant pots.



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