P1M & P1W Week Beginning 17/02

Good afternoon,

We hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Homework for this week:

Reading – your child has been issued with a new reading book. Please practice this with your child and encourage them to sound out words (if applicable) and use the picture clues to help explain what is happening in the story.

Sounds – a new sound card has been added for ‘th’. Please continue to practice previously issued sounds.

Word walls – word walls have been checked and put back into book bags. Please focus on trying to read the highlighted words in pink only. Children need to learn to read these words by sight (rather than sounding out) and understand the meaning by putting into an appropriate context in an oral sentence. We will tick the word when your child can read the word immediately and highlight these words in green when your child shows confidence in using the words correctly in an oral sentence to show meaning.

Maths –a 3d shape hunt worksheet is in book bags – please help your child to complete this.

Health & Wellbeing – please continue to practice February’s target at home.  More information on this task can be found here.

Reading Passports – please continue to complete for any books read at home, including the recently chosen library book. We will be returning to the library on Thursday – please ensure all library books are in book bags for this date so that your child can return their’s and choose another.

Outdoor Learning – This term we will begin to focus some more on outdoor learning. We love getting the children out and enjoying our lovely school grounds. In order to do this, we need all children to have access to a pair of wellies and a water proof jacket. If your child does not have wellies in school already, could you please send a pair in. We do have a few spare pairs in class. Also, some children spoke about having waterproof jackets or puddle suits that could be brought in or kept in their bag. This would be excellent. Thank you for your help with this.


  • P.E. will be on Monday & Tuesday of this week. Earrings must be taped and long hair tied back.
  • Please ensure children bring a water bottle to school every day.
  • Read and munch will be on Friday of this week – children can bring in a book from home and a healthy snack if they wish.
  • If children are going to Active Schools clubs straight after school, please bring P.E. kits back to school the next day.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Miss Murray & Miss Wilson

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