P1M/W Week Beginning 20/01

Good morning,

We hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Homework for this week:

Reading – your child has been issued with a new reading book.  Please practice this with your child and encourage them to sound out words (if applicable) and use the picture clues to help explain what is happening in the story.

Sounds – as last week was a revision week, there are no new sounds in book bags.  Please continue to practice previously issued sounds.

Word walls – word walls have been checked and put into book bags.  Please focus on trying to read the highlighted words in pink only.  Children need to learn to read these words by sight (rather than sounding out) and understand the meaning by putting into an appropriate context in an oral sentence.  We will tick the word when your child can read the word immediately and highlight these words in green when your child shows confidence in using the words correctly in an oral sentence to show meaning.

Maths – children have been issued with a shape worksheet to help revise 2d shape recognition.

Listening & Talking – your child will have hopefully chosen a Scottish poem to learn.  Please highlight the poem they have chosen on the sheet sent home last week so we are aware of which poem they will be reciting.  Further details of this task can be found here.

Health & Wellbeing – We have discussed individual school targets with the children and they will focus on these for the next few weeks in class.  Please continue to work on the personal target at home.  More information on this task can be found here.


  • P.E. will be on Monday & Tuesday of this week.  Earrings must be taped and long hair tied back.
  • Read & munch will be on Friday of this week – children can bring in a healthy snack, such as fruit or veg, and a book from home if they wish.
  • We are short of volunteers for our walks to Bishopton Library on the mornings of the 6th Feb, 20th Feb and 5th March. If you can help out on any of these visits then please let us know.
  • Consent forms for all three library visits have been issued to your Parent Pay account – please log on to your account and authorise if you wish your child to attend.
  • Please check regularly to ensure there are funds within your Parent Pay account if your child wishes to use the school Milk Bar at play times.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Miss Murray & Miss Wilson

4 thoughts on “P1M/W Week Beginning 20/01”

  1. Good morning,

    I can help out on one of the library visits and I’m flexible on which date.

    Kind regards,

    Amy Smith (Harry Smith’s mum)

    1. Hi there,
      That would be great if you could help out – could you do Thu 6th Feb please? We ask for all helpers to be at the school office for 10:55 please.
      Many thanks,
      Miss Murray

        1. Morning, thanks very much. We now have a full house of volunteers however we will get in touch if anything changes. Many thanks for your help.

          Miss Murray

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