Term 3 Targets

This term our targets will be taking a slightly different format. Each of the children will be issued an individual school target after discussion with their class teacher, which we will work on regularly together. We would also like the children to have a personal target for them to work on at home. Please discuss with your child an area they will be able to focus on which will allow them to become a little more independent. This could be zipping their jackets, dressing themselves, putting their shoes on, using a knife and fork correctly or any other area that you feel they could benefit from. Our plan is to issue a new school target each month of term 3; as long as the previous target has been achieved.

Our targets sheets will be issued at some point over the coming week. You will be able to see the school target we have set for your child. If possible, home targets should be decided on by Friday (17th). Once home targets for January have been decided, please complete the relevant box on the sheet so the class teacher is aware of what you will be working towards with your child. You will also notice that there is a comment box, please feel free to complete this, if you wish, once the target has been achieved.

Thanking you in advance for your support with this.

Primary 1 Teachers


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