P1P and P1S Nativity Costumes

All children will receive a note in their book bags this week confirming the clothes that we kindly ask you to provide for our Nativity performance. We have also written a generic list below for your convenience. Please note that we are not expecting anyone to buy anything new so please let us know if you have any problems sourcing anything. Most children can wear their indoor black plimsoles that are in school already unless stated. All clothes should be sent into school, in a bag labelled with your child’s name, no later than Friday 13th please. Thank you!

Mrs McAvoy and Mrs O’Neill


P1P and P1S Costumes:

Sam, Samantha and Dancers (Jeans or denim skirt/dress and a checked shirt. Any shoes will be fine but as we are going with a country/western theme, if you have any boots, that would be great.)

Shrews (grey leggings/trousers, grey t-shirt/top.)

Innkeeper (Shorts and t-shirt)

Fiddlers (black jeans/trousers and black t-shirt/top)

Angels (white vest top and white shoes)

Gabriel (shorts)

3 Kings (shorts and white vest or t-shirt)

Shepherds (Shorts and vest top)

Donkey (black shorts and t-shirt)

Mary (Shorts and t-shirt  + sandals)

Joseph (blue shorts and t-shirt + sandals)

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