P1M & P1W Week Beginning 02/12

Good afternoon,

We hope you are having a lovely weekend.

A huge thank you to everyone who handed in items to help with our role play festive wonderland – the children had a great time helping to make everything and our area looks amazing for the children to enjoy this week.

Homework for this week:


New sound cards have been issued for ‘z’ and ‘w’. Please also continue to practise all previously issued sounds.

Jolly Phonics Z Song

Jolly Phonics W Song

Word Walls

Please work on the highlighted words in pink ONLY.  Children need to learn to read these sight words and understand the meaning by putting the word into the appropriate context in an oral sentence.   We will tick the word when your child can read the word immediately and highlight these words in green when your child shows confidence in using the words correctly in an oral sentence to show meaning. If you have any questions or problems with this, please let us know.


New reading books will be issued during the week. – please practise these with your child and encourage your child to sound out the words (if applicable) and use the picture clues to explain what is happening in the story.



Please complete the number five page only this week.

The children have been learning the months of the year  – if you would like to practice at home, here is the song we have been learning – months of the year song.


  • Read & munch will be on Friday of this week.  Children can bring in a book from home and healthy snack.
  • Book bags should be brought to school every day so that we can work on word walls, sounds and reading with your child.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Murray & Miss Wilson

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