P1P/P1S – Library Visit

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We will be visiting Bishopton Library on Thursday 19th December. We are planning on leaving straight after break (10.50am) and will be returning before lunchtime. On the day we will require 4 helpers (2 per class). If you are able to help, please leave a message on this post or send a note in via your child’s book bag.

Please note that consent for our library visit will, once again, be completed through Parent Pay. If you have still to activate your account, please do so. The email to give consent will be issued in the next few days. If your account has not been activated before this, you will not receive the email. Also, if you have more than one child in the school, each of them will require a separate account. Please contact the school office if you are having any issues with this.

Thanking you in advance

Mrs O’Neill and Mrs McAvoy

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  1. I’m going to keep Oliver off for the rest of the week to let him get his strength back. Will it be ok to return his library book/Smarties tube on Monday as opposed to this week? I should have sent them today but thought he was going to be fine for the rest of the week.

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