Week Beginning 17.6.19


I hope you had a pleasant weekend. A few reminders for this week……

On Friday, your child;s learning journey profile would have been sent to you via email. If you could let us know if you have received the profile.

Seasons for Growth day – as per the letter you received last week, children can wear any seasonal colour on Tuesday 18th June and bring in a £1 donation please.

Open afternoon – we look forward to seeing you on Friday 21st June at 1.30pm for our afternoon.  Can we ask that only 1 adult per child attends.


This week there will be no new reading book. The children have picked a new class library book and they also have a book from the library too. Please continue with word walls and sound cards.


This week there is no maths homework. We have completed the maths booklet, however, as always you are welcome to use some of the maths games from the websites below.



As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Miss Frew and Miss McKay