week beginning 10.06.19

Hello, hope you had a lovely weekend.

Our fun day is this Friday, if you have not already returned the slip regarding lunch for Friday please do so by Tuesday. Could we also ask for all money to be handed in by Tuesday.

This week’s homework is as follows


Continue with the booklet – please remember it is only one page a week. The date is at the top of each page.

Recently we have explored using positional language, measuring weight, number word and money.  Below are a few online games you could let your child play which link to the recent maths concept covered.





Please continue to read the library book with your child for enjoyment.

Your child should also have a reading book and wordwalls. Please continue with these.

Heart start

At the end of last week the children had a heart start lesson. We explored what children can do in an emergency which is appropriate for their age. The children were also told how important it is for them to know their address. Therefore part of the homework this week is for the children to fill in the post card with their address and for the children to remember their address. There is a link below with the video we watched with the children. Feel free to watch this with your child.



As always any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Frew and Miss Mckay