Hello P1E parents,

Yesterday I introduced the children’s word walls to them. I explained to the children how they work and how we will use them in class. On the word walls you will see some words have dots (some may also have ticks but that is only for my reference), the words with dots are the words which the children should practise at home.

At home there are many different things you can do, look at the words in random order, find them in books or use them in oral sentences. These are only a few suggestions, the main aspect of this is to reinforce the words for the children to recognise them.

At the point where your child is confident with the words they will be highlighted green by myself. This is when you can focus on the other words. There will be more words added throughout the progression of the word wall.

Reading – Please continue to discuss the three sharings with your child when reading the book. You can also mention your own dislikes/likes or what connections or puzzles you have in relation to the story.

There are no new sound cards in the book bags as last week was a revision week. Please continue with the ones you have.

If there are any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Frew