Bedtime Stories


Do you like to share cuddles and stories with your child? Come along to our fun Bedtime Story club to share fabulous stories together.

Our club will run again in the new year. Dates to be confirmed.

Aims of Book bug/Bedtime Story Club

  • Listening to stories and singing rhyming songs which are fun and enjoyable.
  • Sharing songs, books and stories to build a positive attachment between child and parent.
  • Talking and singing together helps children hear and practice sounds of words. Tuning into these sounds is essential for learning to read and write.
  • Developing a love of reading has been found to make a crucial difference to children’s learning no matter what their social or economical background.

If you should have any questions regarding this please feel free to speak to Nicola ( Our Book Bug champion) who takes lead with Bedtime Stories.

Our recent Bedtime stories club was a massive success. Thank you to all that attended and we hope to see you all again at the next sessions.