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Primary 2 had fun today signing into their ‘sumdog’ accounts and answering lots of maths questions. The children’s usernames and passwords have been kept the same as ‘Bug Club’ for ease. Children can log in and complete maths games at home. This will will allow them to practise their mental maths skills.




Spice Girls

This week we have been busy learning all about the Spice Girls. We used a special app called telegrami to create our own characters and record some facts that we have learned so far about our 90’s topic.

We learned that the Spice Girls loved to wear big platform shoes. Olivia said “I think they did this to make themselves look taller!”  We were very lucky that Miss Cunningham had kept her platforms from the 90’s so we could try them on! “You had to hold your partners hand because they are a bit dangerous!” (Kyle).

“We even got to watch some of the Spice Girl movie on an old 90’s TV that had a video recorder” (Finlay). “It was a bit funny because you could see the people rewinding backwards” (Lucas).

 We have enjoyed seeing our finished work on our 90’s display.

4th May Local Elections

On 4th May, the local council elections are being held. West Johnstone Shared Campus is a polling station as usual. This means there will be no entry to the school via the main entrance. The entrance on this day will be the fire doors at the side of the building. The children will come in the usual doors but any enquiries must come to the fire doors which only be manned first thing I n the morning and at the end of the day. Telephone enquiries should be made as usual. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The 90’s

This term Primary 2 are going to be learning all about the 90’s.

So far we have learned about the toys that were most popular in the 90s and we have explored the different fashions. We quickly realised that the clothes that were popular in the 90’s are still popular nowadays. Lots of children said “my mum wears chokers”.

At the end of the topic we are going to be taking part in a school show. The children will be asked to wear a tracksuit/jogging bottoms and tshirt and also a skip hat. I am asking that children bring this in when they can so I can keep for our show.

We have been enjoying listening to different songs from the 90’s especially the Spice Girls!