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If you go down to the woods today…

You’d have found P4/3 having a ball in the mud!

We went with Miss Dowson and Mrs Patterson for a walk while the rain was off. This was the end of term treat that we voted for as a class and Miss Dowson treated us to some juice, crisps and a chocolate Swiss roll to keep our energy levels up!

We had an absolute ball finding minibeasts and walking (some of us done more sliding) down the hills.

Amy investigated a fairy door where she was sure she saw some fairies hiding and Hannah and Sophie were a great help with their friends getting up and down the hill.


Sun Awareness

Today we had a visitor come to speak to us about staying safe in the sun. Keanan told us at the start that the sun was a star and he was very close in his guess of how hot the sun was! We learned that right at the centre of the  sun is 15million degrees.

We were asked to look out in the sun and see if we could check for our shadow being longer than us, if it is then it is safe to be out in the sun and if it isn’t then we should try and cover up and play in the shade sometimes.

Ross told us that the sun gives us vitamin D and this helps us to grow healthy and strong.

We learned a new motto to stay safe and have fun in the sun –

SLIP on a tshirt to cover up, especially our shoulders and back. This should be bright because it will keep us cooler.

SLAP on a hat to protect our ears, neck and scalp.

SLOP on some sun cream, once in the morning and then top it up, especially if we have been playing in the water.

SLIDE on some sunnies! Try and cover up the tops of our cheeks.

SLURP some cold juice, water would be best to keep us healthy!

Rachael modelled this motto for us!

Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest

Since Friday P4/3 have been taking part in a new Sumdog contest against all the other schools in Renfrewshire.

A special well done to Amy, Jackson and Ross who logged in over the weekend and kept us up in the leaderboard, we are still sitting in 14th place.

As homework this week we are looking for as many of us as possible to get online and work towards answering our 1000 questions before Thursday at 8pm!

You can use the Internet to access Sumdog – and use your log in from your diary or download the app from the App Store or Play Store. If you are using the internet page please make sure you have flash player installed 🙂

Sumdog Challenge for Digital Learning Week

Some of our classes have been taking part in the Sumdog National Competition. Across the whole UK, 2330 schools took part. We are absolutely delighted to announce how our classes did.

P4/3 came 230th.

P3 came 121st.

P2 came 99th.

P5 came 88th

and P4 came an amazing 65th in the country.

Fantastic news for all these children. Well done!


P3 are coding!

In P4/3 this morning the primary 3s were learning how to use Kodable, a coding app. We learned that coding is needed for lots of different things, for example Sophie suggested that you might use it to make a game.


When we were playing Jayden told Miss Dowson “This is way better than Bee-Bot, best game ever! Well not as good as Sumdog…”

Hamza and Hannah agreed it was helping them with their directions as they had to the about left and right.

We all thought it was really easy to begin with but when we moved up the levels and had to start using coloured squares to stop our fuzzball it got a little bit trickier, but we go but there in the end!


Today as part of our topic we sorted through our facts about the 1930s. We had to decide on different categories for our facts and choose the top ones that we found the most interesting as our group.


Miss Dowson was very impressed with our team work and we all joined in and worked well together.