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Wicked Writing

Primary 1 have been working really hard over the past few weeks to try their best at sounding out their words to write sentences on their own.


We are really proud of how good our writing is getting! If you are in our class please ask to see our super sentence book – we love showing it off!


Visiting the Chicks

Today Primary 1 were given a special treat. They were allowed to go and visit the baby chicks which are in the nursery.

The chicks have been hatching over the past few days and there are 9 in total. We learned that the incubator kept them warm and safe while they were getting ready to hatch.

We knew we had to be very quiet while we were in the nursery so that we didn’t scare the chicks and to show the children our best behaviour! While we were there one of the chicks fell over. It was very funny!

World Book Day (rescheduled)

After being snowed off last week we are happy to let you know we will be running our events in school for World Book Day on Monday 12th March.

If your child would like to come to school dressed up as their favourite character from a story they are more than welcome to do so.

Primary 1 and 2 are also being asked to pack their pyjamas and favourite teddy into their bags for their afternoon celebration!

Thank you for all your support (and hopefully we won’t have any more snow disruption!)

Science in Primary 1

Today Primary 1 looked at some more chemical reaction experiments in science because we have been looking at Chinese New Year one of our experiments was about dancing noodles and our second experiment was called elephant toothpaste. It was a really fun afternoon.

Kelsey told us that science experiments can sometimes take a very long time and we found out we needed to follow the instructions carefully to make sure our experiment works correctly.

Dancing Noodles

For our experiment we had to add vinegar and water, the vinegar was very smelly! We thought it smelled a bit like crisps.

Then we added baking powder, we thought it looked a bit like salt.

The result was lots a bubbles and mess! When we thought about the experiment some more and looked closely we realised there were now lots of bubbles in the water and vinegar solution and the noodles were dancing up and down.

When we looked into it some more we found out when we mix baking powder with water nothing happens but when you mix it with vinegar the bubbles were made, so we must need the vinegar and the baking powder to make the reaction!

Day and Night Science

Today Primaries 1, 2 and 3 got to go to the gym hall and watch an exciting production by Generation Science.

We were learning all about where in the world we live and why it isn’t daytime in Johnstone at the same time as it’s day time in places like America and Australia.

We thought the girls who took the workshop were very funny. They taught us all about the movement of the Earth, Sun and Moon and why it is different times in different parts of the world.