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Last Day of P6!

Happy Last Day of Primary 6!


What a crazy year we have had! I have loved being your P6 teacher and am really proud of every one of you. During lockdown I have gotten to know lots of parents better and I want to say thank you for your support and messages during this time. You are all superstars!


I hope you all have a wonderful Summer and do something nice today to celebrate the end of Primary 6!


Watch out for a little video surprise this afternoon 🙂

P6 Home Learning 25.06.20

Good morning everyone


It is our second last day of Primary 6! This week I have been thinking back about all the great memories I have from the past year. Today I would love to hear your memories from Primary 6. You could draw your memory, write some notes, a passage or anything else you would like. I have shared some of my memories and pictures on Google Classroom and Dojo. I hope you enjoy looking back on the pictures 🙂

P6 Home Learning 23.06.20

Morning P6


Did you all see the post yesterday about your days and teacher for P7? How are you feeling about it?


As this is the last week of school I’ll be sharing slightly different activities as we prepare for Summer. I thought for today’s activity we could have a think about Primary 7 and what next year might be like. I’m looking for you to write a message to your Primary 7 self. This could be a letter, a blog post or a note. What would you like to ask your future self? What hopes do you have for Primary 7? Do you have any advice for your future self or any points you want to remind them about the present?


This might be a nice activity to save and look back on in a few months’ time when we are back at school 🙂

P6 Home Learning 18/06/20

Good morning P6

Here are the literacy and numeracy tasks for today. Good luck and let me know how you get on 🙂




Today you have a choice of 2 ‘Nowhere Emporium’ tasks. You can choose 1 to do or if you’re looking for a challenge you could try both. Copies of these are at the bottom.


The first one is a Blankety Blank. Read the passage and use the words in the box at the bottom to fill in the missing spaces. Remember to imagine the word is in the sentence and check that it would make sense.


The second activity is a Picture It. This is a description from Chapter 27. I recently read this chapter on Dojo if you would like to listen to it. Use the description to draw your own picture of what is happening. Use the words in the passage to label your picture.




If you do Maths Seeds with Mrs Campbell, play 30 minutes of Maths Seeds. Then play this decimals game ordering the decimals from lowest to highest.


If you have Workbook 6 I’m looking for you to complete activities 23 and 27. I have included pictures of these below. Remember you can use the place value table from yesterday to help remind you of the columns for tenths and hundredths.

P6 Home Learning 17.06.20

Morning everyone


I hope you all enjoyed Sports Day and found some fun activities to do!


Here are today’s tasks. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.




If you do Reading Eggspress, do 30mins of your lesson and the next 20 words in your yellow spelling booklet along with any you need to practise from last week. Practising these regularly will really make a difference and help you for P7 🙂


Everyone else, we’re going to do some comprehension. Read the passage below then answer the questions giving full sentences where you can. I recommend reading the passage twice. This will make it much easier when answering the questions.




This week, following on from fractions, we’re going to look at decimals. This is revision but it has also been a while since we worked on decimals. Look at the place value chart below to remind yourself of each of the columns.


If you do workbook 5, today you’re going to look at tenths. Watch and read the teaching part at the top of this page then complete activities 1 and 2.


If you do workbook 6, today you will be looking at the connection between fractions and decimals. Watch the teaching video and read the information. Then complete activities 1 and 2.



P6 Home Learning 12.06.20

Happy Friday everyone!


Thank you for all of the great work this week! I was really impressed with the fractions work and your creative stories yesterday.


Today is a catch up day for you to use as you want. Some ideas are:

  • Look through the posts from this week if there is anything you have missed.
  • Reading Eggspress
  • Sumdog
  • The music activity from Wednesday
  • Catch up on the Nowhere Emporium videos


I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

P6 Home Learning 11/06/20

Good morning P6


Thank you for all of your hard work this week. Here are today’s activities.




Today, I’m looking for you to get creative and write your own story. Look at the picture below to inspire you. Some things to think about when creating your story are who does the shoes belong to? Why have they been left? Where are they?



Today we are going to do some problem solving. You have a choice of which activity you would like to try:



  • Try some of the challenges on Google Classroom or Dojo. Some are quite tricky but it would be great to see you challenge yourself with them 🙂

P6 Home Learning 10/06/20

Good morning


I hope you’re all having a nice week so far. Here are today’s activities. Remember to take your time and Friday will be for any catching up.




Today we’re going to look at the books on again. I know most of you managed to get connected last week but if you are having any trouble with this please let me know.


Find a book you are interested in, read it then complete one of your Guided Reading tasks about it. Please complete a task you haven’t done already.




If you are part of Mrs Campbell’s Maths Seeds group, do 30mins of Maths Seeds then the activity Mrs Campbell will post.


If you are working on Workbook 6, please completed activity 22. Remember, when finding a fraction of an amount it is the same as dividing by the denominator (the number at the bottom of the fraction). So for 1a, ½ of 16 is the same as 16 ÷ 2.