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LOL Newsroom

P6 became reporters today when our class turned into a newsroom. We worked in groups to find a news story, research it and create a news script about it.


Our news anchors then introduced each story and our presenters read their scripts. It was amazing hearing all about the effects Storm Ali is having!

Welcome to P6!!

Welcome to P6!!

We’ve had a great start to the year and can’t wait to start swimming lessons in a few weeks. Check the newsletter for more details.

Well done to our Pupil of the Week: Tammi, and our Celebrating  Acheivement winner: Allanah and Lucy.

Our PE days are Monday and Friday. Please remember to bring PE kits on these days.

Lapwing Lodge Day 3

Day 3 has been action packed with plenty of activities.


All groups were orienteering, raft building and tackling the high ropes. Everyone pushed themselves and should be massively proud of what they’ve achieved!


This evening each group participated in the Highland Games. Each person competed in various events to earn points for their group. Well done to the mighty Group 1 who managed to take the trophy.


We finished tonight with a bonfire which involved plenty of singing, dancing and s’mores.


Tomorrow the groups have one final activity! We can’t believe how quickly time has flown. It’s been a great week.

Lapwing Lodge – Day 2

What a day we’ve had! The weather might have been rubbish, but we’ve been having a great time.


Group 1 were on the climbing wall today. Everyone pushed themselves to their limits and should be very proud of themselves! We had team building activities in the afternoon. They loved running around the forest – I’m pretty sure some of them are still hiding up trees somewhere!


Group 2 were doing archery this morning. Some of them had ridiculous accuracy. After a last minute change of plans due to weather, group 2 went off site for a short time gorge walking. They missed the kayaking, but still managed to get super wet!


Group 3 managed to get into the kayaks before the bad weather came in. It seems many of Group 3 are more suited to being floaters than kayakers, but they had fun nonetheless! They took part in some indoor archery in the afternoon. Fortunately no one had dillusions of grandeur and tried to ‘rob from the rich and give to the poor’. And we were hoping to make a little money from them..


This evening the whole group found out about a murder that had taken place on site. Thankfully we had Cochrane Castle’s finest minds on the case! Our detectives had to run around the site to find our suspects in order to earn some precious information. Well done to Emma and Sophie who managed to crack the case first!


We’ve got a super busy day tomorrow with an extra activity being squeezed in. Stay tuned for our Day 3 update.

Lapwing Lodge – Day 1

Primary 7 have already had an action packed time up in Lapwing Lodge.


Group 1 were straight into the cold water on the kayaks. Well done to George who managed to run across 7 kayaks and get back into his own kayak without falling in!!


Group 2 were doing team building games this afternoon. Sophie was an incredible foreman during a building activity!


Group 3 were on the climbing wall. Everyone managed to climb higher than they expected!! Special shout outs to Melanie who amazed everyone by getting to the top on her first despite being terrified!!!


This evening we got muddy and sweaty from running about playing some Wide Games. Everyones exhausted now and ready for bed… fingers crossed they’ll sleep!


*Pun of the Day *

Pun of the Day goes to Conor who when faced with a bee said: “I don’t want to bee anywhere near you!” Let’s hope we have a better choice tomorrow!