Primary 1 – 03.06.20

Today I am attaching the project for out Castle topic, you can pick and choose the bits of learning you would like to do.

Knights and Castles personal project ideas

Did you know Johnstone has a castle? We looked at it a little bit on google before we stopped school. Maybe today you could take a walk to see it, what do you notice about it? Do you think it still looks like a castle?

Number of the Day

Today your number of the day is 50.

  1.  Do you think it’s an odd or an even number?
  1. Can you count forward and backwards in 10s?

  2. Can you draw it in tally marks?

  3. What do you think the number before it is?

  4. What number do you think will come after it?

  5. Can you find the number 50 in your house or on your street anywhere?

You could use this number splat game to help you or the 100 grid from your learning pack 🙂