P6 Home Learning 03/06/20

Good morning P6


How are you today?


Here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks. Remember to take your time and ask if you need any help.




We’re going to try something new for reading today. On Monday I sent out some parent invites to join getepic.com


Today, I’d like you to explore the site and find something to read. There are lots and lots of books, audiobooks and comics to choose from. The details for logging in should all be in the parent invite email but if you have any issues let me know. Enjoy!




If you do Maths Seeds with Mrs Campbell, do 30mins of Maths Seeds and the activity Mrs Campbell will post today.


Complete activity 20 in your workbook. This continues our work on equivalent fractions.

Remember, whatever you do to the denominator (the number at the bottom of a fraction) you also need to do to the numerator (the number at the top of a fraction). So for question 2 and 3, see what the denominator has been multiplied by to create the new fraction. Then multiply the numerator by the same number.

For question 5 see what number is a factor for both the numerator and denominator. Use the factor to divide top and bottom.  For example, for 6/8, both 6 and 8 can be divided by 2. If you divide the top and bottom by 2 you will get the simplified fraction ¾.