Health and Well Being Activities for the Week – 02.06.20

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are well.

Over the next few weeks we will look at online safety and being kind.  This is a link to remind us about what being safe and kind online is about

As we are all spending so much more time online these days Mrs Arnold and I thought a wee exercise to remind us how to use our online time safely would be good.

It is great that we are all able to keep in touch safely with our friends at this difficult time but sometimes this causes problems because it is not quite the same as seeing each other face to face.

Here a few helpful reminders to make sure being online stays safe and fun.


  1. Behind every profile is a real person

Even though you are communicating in a virtual way, everyone’s feelings are still real.

  1. Pause before you share

Think, is this something I would say to their face?

  1. Try to be inclusive

Don’t leave people out of the fun and try not to join in if you see something unkind.

These are a few helpful websites with useful information about staying safe online for children and parents to help  (for parents)


So this week we would like you to look at the BBC Own It website and listen to some of the short videos about being safe and kind online, have a think about how you use social media and what you could do to be your best self online.

How we behave online shouldn’t be different to how we behave offline.

Happy thinking!

Miss Cunningham and Mrs Arnold