P6 Home Learning 01.06.20

Good morning everyone and happy first of June!


I can’t believe we are in June already. How are you today? I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Here are today’s literacy and numeracy tasks. Look out for the answers to the guess the staff baby pictures later on today.




Spelling, unit 28 for booklets 4 and 5. Unit 14 for booklet 3. Use look, cover, write and check to write your words twice then choose 2 active spelling activities to practise your words.




This week our focus is fractions. Today, we will be thinking about equivalent fractions. This is when different fractions represent the same amount. For example, if you eat ½ of a pizza, this is the same as eating  4 out of 8 slices or .


Firstly, use this link to watch the top 2 videos: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zv798xs


Then, complete activity 1. I have attached pictures of the worksheet on dojo and google classroom. Please write this in your squared jotter or on scrap paper. For question 2 take your time and read the questions carefully. It might help to draw the pictures out and colour in the parts so you can see the fraction.


Finally, there is a Sumdog competition this week focussing on fractions. This is a competition for our class and will finish at midday on Friday. Good luck!