Primary 3 26/3/20

Good morning Primary 3 – today you have comprehension jobs from Miss Cunningham and Mrs Mcleod. Once you have done these please upload to your child’s portfolio so we can check their work and give out dojo points 😊.  I also set literacy tasks yesterday for a piece of writing about how you were feeling plus some spelling tasks with either ‘ea’ or ‘ew’ words depending on which task you were given. Please take a picture and put on your child’s portfolio on dojo, I can’t wait to see all their work!


For maths today I have two warm up number tasks, plus a challenge task – this can be done in the green jotter. Remember to put the short date at the top 26.3.20.

Aldo for maths, we are learning to recognise and name 3D objects, if you could look at the page and try answering the 6 questions.

Look at the YouTube video ‘3D shapes for children’ before you try to answer the questions!