Health and Well Being Activities 26.03.20

26.03.20 Good Afternoon Everyone!

To keep up our relaxing theme and because you have been working so hard with all your maths and language jobs I thought it would be nice for a couple of quiet minutes and a creative activity.

First try

Ring the Bell – Close your eyes and ring a bell (bike, door, phone app, or bell from a game) and count (steadily) how long it takes for the sound to fade.  This should bring your focus back to now and settle your brain.  If not try once more.


Choose a few objects from around the house and create a still life picture to draw.  Draw your still life pictures, they can be pencil drawings or biro pen in black and white or coloured with pencils, pens, crayons or paint if you have them at home.

Some examples but be creative and find interesting shapes.

Happy drawing!

Remember to post your hard work so I can see 🙂