Awards Assembly

What better way to end to our school assemblies than by giving out some end of year awards!

Our winning house was Green Deer and they received medals.

We had 100% attendance certificates for:

Hayley McGuire, Ross MacCormick, Megan MacCormick, Hayley Billington, Hannah Billington, Joseph Will, Nate Uppington, Ellie Ibbotson and Logan McKenzie.

For excellent attendance certificates were give to:

Lucy Scott, Riley Sproule, Brooke Millar, Taylor Agnew, Matthew du Pon, Mark Figures, Kaitlyn Jackson, Logan Marshall, Leah Ibbotson, Fallow Thomson, Keanan Grant and Kyle McConnell.

Throughout this year we have celebrated our school values of

safe   healthy   achieving   respect   perseverance   connected

and we selected 2 pupils from each class who have consistently demonstrated these values to receive medals. They were:

Millie Ravenscroft, Aiden Don, Billie-Jo Inglis, Dylan Gardner, Kelsey Alexander, Olivia McLaren, Lily Bryson, Mohammed Kiani, Niamh Bryson, Kieran Sergeant,  Alexander Agnew, Sophie McGuire, Leoni Wilkie and Logan McKenzie.

The children who worked on “Generations on Screen” with Cochrane Care Home received a Best Friend certificate. These were:

Craig Scott, Logan Marshall, Callum Chorley, Emilia Holt, Kelsey Garrity and Matthew Rayner.

Our footballers also received medals and Ethan won a Young Footballer trophy. Representing our school at football this session were:

Ethan Quinn, Callum Chorley, Riley Sproule, Dillon Campbell, George Galbraith, Jay Garrity, Joshua Izedome, Leon McDevitt, Shayne O’Neill, Lee Potts, Josh Robertson, Daryl Ismail, Louis Grierson

P6 recieved their Bikeability certificates and badges. For Level 1:

Danielle MacMillan, Megan MacCormick, Holly Hiddleston, Melissa Gilmour, Jordan Gibson, Callum Chorley, Logan Marshall, Lewis McFarlane, Mariusz Myslicki, Craig Scott, Darcy Simpson, Brooke Millar, Chloe Brines and Alexander Agnew.

For Level 2:

Matthew du Pon, Mark Figures, Alfie Houston, Meadow Lilley, Morgan McBeth, Sophie McGuire, Esma Oz, Riley Sproule and Lucy Scott.

Well done to all our award winners!