Renfrewshire Sumdog Contest

Yesterday saw the start of a new week long contest for Renfrewshire schools on Sumdog. You will be able to play this anytime until Thursday evening and your answers will go towards your classes score.

Currently we have a number of classes who have qualified – keep up the hard work!

We also have numerous pupils who have made it into the top 50 so far…

Mohammed (P4) is in 1st place

Matthew R (P5) is in 3rd place

Morgan M (P6) is in 4th place

Taylor A (P5) is in 6th place

Paige F (P5) is in 9th place

Finlay (P3) is in 16th place

Lily B (P4) is in 17th place

Millie R (P1) is in 21st place

Angelika (P5) is in 30th place

Mackenzie F (P4) is in 33rd place

Hollie B (P5) is in 36th place

Kaitlin Jackson (P5) is in 38th place

Cody Turner (P1) is in 43rd place

William G (P5) is in 46th place

Joshua I (P7) is in 49th place


Keep playing over the weekend if you can!