Sun Awareness

Today we had a visitor come to speak to us about staying safe in the sun. Keanan told us at the start that the sun was a star and he was very close in his guess of how hot the sun was! We learned that right at the centre of the  sun is 15million degrees.

We were asked to look out in the sun and see if we could check for our shadow being longer than us, if it is then it is safe to be out in the sun and if it isn’t then we should try and cover up and play in the shade sometimes.

Ross told us that the sun gives us vitamin D and this helps us to grow healthy and strong.

We learned a new motto to stay safe and have fun in the sun –

SLIP on a tshirt to cover up, especially our shoulders and back. This should be bright because it will keep us cooler.

SLAP on a hat to protect our ears, neck and scalp.

SLOP on some sun cream, once in the morning and then top it up, especially if we have been playing in the water.

SLIDE on some sunnies! Try and cover up the tops of our cheeks.

SLURP some cold juice, water would be best to keep us healthy!

Rachael modelled this motto for us!