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Big Pedal – Big Success

That’s the Big Pedal over for another year.  Well done to everyone who took part and all the parents who made it possible.

This year we managed – 2794 journeys with 44.94% of the school taking part (remembering that only about half of the school were involved every day).

We hope you will keep being active – cycling, scooting and walking as much as you can as we all know how good it is for our physical and mental health.

Well done

Big Pedal week 1

Resources – Sustrans Big Pedal 2021Currently we are 376 in the league table for Big Pedal out of 514 schools in the UK. (37 out of 51 in Scotland).  Bear in mind, we are only doing about half of our school every day.  I think that is a brilliant result!

Total journeys so far – 1216

Total % of school roll taking part 42.12%.

(still a few figures to be added in for last week too).

As always, Bishopton rises to the challenge. Well done everyone.  Hope you’ve had fun taking part especially with the great weather.

One more week to go.  Keep up the good work!

                        A Walk a Day | Cartoon clip art, Friends clipart, Cartoon

Big Pedal – great start!

Well done to everyone who took part in Big Pedal today – cycling, scooting or walking.

3 classes managed to have 100% participation –

P2F, P2G and P5M

Remember to check the Big Pedal website every day  and see how Bishopton are doing.

Please remember that, at the end of the day, there will be lots of bikes and scooters moving in the playground.  Remember you have to push your bike or scooter and your teacher will make sure that classes take their time leaving and that everyone is safe.

I hope everyone enjoyed it.


Big Pedal 2021

Sustrans Big Pedal -

This year, as always, the school will be taking part in the Big Pedal, the Sustrans national competition to get everyone moving – cycling, scooting and walking.

Below you will find a video and information sheet.

This year will be a little bit different as we are asking children to bring their bike or scooter on alternate days.  Please see the timetable below for your child’s days.

Date Classes
Mon 19th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Tues 20th April P1,P3 and P4
Wed 21st April P2,P5,P6,P7
Thurs 22nd April P1,P3 and P4
Fri 23rd April P2,P5,P6,P7
Mon 26th April P1,P3 and P4
Tues 27th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Wed 28th April P1,P3 and P4
Thur 29th April P2,P5,P6,P7
Fri 30th April P1,P3 and P4

There are only a few simple rules –

all children must wear a helmet on a bike

bikes and scooters should be wheeled through the playground on the way in and out of school and on the ashy path.

Parents and younger siblings are welcome to join in the challenge.

Each class will get a chance to cycle and scoot with their friends in the playground during the day.

We would ask that you check over bikes and scooters to make sure they are safe to use, especially if they haven’t been used for a while.

Please don’t worry if your child is unable to bring their bike or scooter on any of their days.  Walking counts too!

Big pedal parent info

We are all looking forward to this year’s Big Pedal. It should be lots of fun.


Bishopton Pedal 2020

Today should have been the start of the Big Pedal walking/cycling/scooting national competition that we all enjoy so much each year.

This year we’re turning it into the Bishopton Pedal.

As part of your daily exercise, we would like you to try to cycle, scoot or walk every day for the next 2 weeks.  Please make sure that bikes and scooters are safe for you to use and that you wear helmets on your bike just as you would if you were at school. If you do not have access to a safe place to cycle, scoot or walk please just carry on with all the other daily fitness ideas provided by your teachers.

Remember all your family are welcome to join in too.

Be safe and have fun.


Big Pedal

A huge thank you to everyone children, parents and staff who made such a big effort to make the Big Pedal a huge success.  At the moment we are 13th in the UK but today’s numbers have still to be uploaded.  Thanks again to Mr Neill for checking bikes and scooters.

Well done


European Day of Languages

Well done everyone for another successful languages day.  P 1-3 designed t-shirts about France and all things French.  Well done to our t-shirts winners (photos to follow).  P4 -7 made a presentation in the form of a poster or powerpoint on the advantages of knowing more than one language.

Thank you to our mum and dad speakers and Craig our ex-pupil for their input.

If your child was one of the t-shirt winners, these are the care instructions – iron fix on the back for at least 4 mins and wash separately in cold water for first 3 washes.

Here are some of the Eagles hard at work.  More photos to follow. 

European Day of Languages 2018


Bonjour – Guten Tag – Hello

Just a reminder that Wednesday 26th September will be a non-uniform day as we will be celebrating European Day of Languages 2018.

Pupils are asked to wear house colours – Eagles- yellow, Hawk-green, Falcons-blue and Ospreys-red.

Children will be involved in a variety of activities with the rest of their house to celebrate all things French and to explore why it is useful to know more than one language.

We look forward to hearing from some specially invited speakers on their experiences with languages.

If you are interested in helping your child with their Modern Foreign language learning at home, you can follow this link – ideas for parents and families.

Merci – Danke – Thank you

Big Pedal = Big Success





That’s the Big Pedal over for another year.  Thanks to everyone – mums,dads, grandparents, breakfast and after school club staff –  who made the effort to bring bikes and scooters. I know the children enjoyed it and we finished 6th out of over 500 schools in the UK.

Hopefully  with the nice weather we can all continue at home to get lots of exercise and have fun on our bikes and scooters.

Happy cycling and scooting.


Big Pedal

Coming soon to Bishopton Primary – The Big Pedal is organised by the cycling charity Sustrans.  Every year they encourage children in schools all over the UK to cycle or scoot to school.  Parents and teachers are encouraged to join in too.  Every journey made is recorded over a 10 day period.  The school with the most journeys is the winner.  Prizes are awarded every day.

In Bishopton Primary, there is a special certificate for each daily class winner and an extra cycle/scooting time awarded to the over all winning class.

We ask that children cycle or scoot to school (but not in the playground before school or on the way home from school).

At some time every day, teachers will take their class to the playground to cycle or scoot and improve fitness , as well as having fun.

We would ask that all children wear a helmet on their bikes and , if they have one, on their scooters. Please make sure all helmets fit properly and are undamaged.

Please help us protect your child’s safety by checking over their bike or scooter before they bring it to school.

If your child has a lock for their bike or scooter they are welcome to use it, as bikes and scooters will be stored in the playground.  Children are responsible for looking after lock keys.

Let’s hope for good weather. Please join in if you have a bike (or scooter!) If you would like to find out more or just keep up with our progress, you can check out the Sustrans Big Pedal website.

Happy Holidays

Holidays are here at last.  Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts and kind words.  They are very much appreciated.  We have had a lovely year and your children have been a delight to teach.

Have a great holiday.  Kids – don’t forget to pop in and see Harry Hedgehog next year.

wk beginning 26/06/17

Nearly at the holidays – here’s what’s on this week.

Monday – Buddy picnic 11.45 – 12.15 – bring a packed lunch or you can order lunch as normal.

Tuesday – Read and Munch with P3H reading buddies – bring your favourite book – we will provide the Munch.

Wednesday – bring a toy or game. School finishes at 1pm.  School lunch will be provided for the children who have ordered it in advance.

Still working in Primary 1

We hope you enjoyed the Summer Assembly today.  We are still working away in primary 1.  We have been learning about capital letters – how to write them and the letter names.  

On Tuesday we will have a special Read and Munch with our P3H reading buddies. Miss Hunter and Mrs Ferguson will provide the healthy munch if you would like to bring your favourite book to share with your buddy.

wk beginning 19/06/17

This is the last full week.  There will be no homework this week. Please don’t bring bookbags.  Children should have brought summer clothes in a bag ready to wear on Tuesday for our dress rehearsal and Wednesday for our Summer Assembly for parents at 9.30.

We will be visiting the library for the last time on Friday 23rd June. Please make sure you have returned all library books. We are looking for a helper please.

Thank you

wk beginning 12/06/17

This is the last week for homework.  Bookbags will come home on Friday with the children’s work for this year in it.

Homework – book and maths.

If you have a place in the talent show on Friday 16th June, please keep practising.

Our end of term assembly is on Wednesday 21st June at 9.30. Could children please bring summer clothes to wear for assembly in a bag labelled with their name.  They will change into these clothes for the dress rehearsal on Tuesday  and then the performance for parents on Wednesday next week.

Thank you


wk beginning 05/06/17

Homework this week – book and maths

We have taken the sound cards and wordwalls out of the bookbags.

We will continue to practise these in class.

Auditions for the talent show will be held at lunchtime on Monday.

This is the last week for Active Schools clubs.

Children will be bringing home a postcard. Could you please write their address on it and we will practise saying this so we would know it in an emergency.