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Welcome to Primary 6’s Wonder Wall!

Here we will be sharing our weekly Star Writer and our daily Literacy Legends and Maths Magicians! We hope you enjoy hearing about our super work!

For the week beginning 25/1/21 

Our Literacy Legends are: 

Monday – Layton for his fantastic spelling skills. Layton created super sentences with his words for this week.

Tuesday – Bella for her super reading comprehension work.

Wednesday – Jodie for her beautifully presented work and remembering to self-assess her work.

Our Star Writer for this week was David. David used some fantastic descriptive language in his writing and made sure that his writing flowed well. He did this by using time connectives in his writing.


Our Maths Magicians are:

Monday – Adam as he challenged himself and completed both our gold and silver rounding task!

Tuesday – Luke as he completed a variety of challenges at different levels! Well done for challenging yourself!

Wednesday – Braiden as he challenged himself to complete our gold activity and worked hard with his jotter presentation.

Thursday – Sophie K as she worked hard using rounding to estimate, and followed all assignment instructions.


For the week beginning 2/2/21

Our Literacy Legends are: 

Monday – Maya as she showed fantastic spelling skills and used a variety of strategies to help her with her spelling focus for this week. Maya also created some interesting sentences with her spelling words.

Tuesday – Ronnie as he challenged himself to complete our gold activity when identifying cause and effect in a passage.

Wednesday – Sophie K as she challenged herself to complete both levels of activities when identifying concrete nouns.

This week we began learning about persuasive writing. Our Star Writer for this week was Rhys! Well done! Rhys submitted some interesting reasons as to why he thought one of our letters was more persuasive than the other.

Our Maths Magicians are: 

Monday – Cameron as he was able to read an analogue clock and correctly write the full time shown. Cameron also challenged himself to complete the bonus challenge questions.

Tuesday – Sophie M as she was able to write the time shown in a variety of ways. Sophie also remembered to self assess her work!

Wednesday – Aaron K as he challenged himself to complete our gold activity when converting between 12 and 24-hour time.

Thursday – Scot as he created a detailed and clear 24-hour daily schedule during remote learning.


For the week beginning 15/2/21

Our Literacy Legends are: 

Monday – Stuart put in great effort when completing his spelling activities on Monday and presented his work in a neat manner.

Tuesday – Ronnie identified the key points in his story and was able to put these key points into a brief summary. His summary had a great structure.

Wednesday – Ryan was able to identify all abstract nouns, write his sentences fully and even remembered to self-assess his work!

Thursday – Our Star Writers on Thursday were David, Erin, Bella and Sophie  What super work you all submitted. All of our Star Writers used fantastic persuasive language throughout and had well structured arguments. Well done especially to Bella as she included lots of evidence to back up her arguments.

Our Maths Magicians are: 

Monday – Charlie challenged himself when calculating money totals and presented his work well. This was a big improvement Charlie!

Tuesday –  Adam challenged himself and used the correct layout to show all his workings.

Wednesday – Jodie worked very hard on Wednesday’s task and put in a lot of effort. Jodie also remembered to use timelines to help her answer each question!

Thursday – Grace challenged herself to complete our gold activity and used timelines to help yourself throughout the task! Using timelines helped to keep her work accurate and clear.

Well done everyone!


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