Class Activities

Wednesday 20th May

All our activities are now on Microsoft Teams for Primary 1 and 2. Usernames and passwords were sent out via the school app.

If you are having any problems accessing Teams let me know.

The weather is going to be great today. Try and spend as much time as you can outdoors but remember to put on some suntan lotion. Here is a lovely outdoor art project you can try over the next few days. Can you create a kindness rock? You can do as many as you like. You could add a design or write a special message on your rocks. You might decide to do one for each person in your family or you could leave them outside for a neighbour to pick up. Have fun!

Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Primary 1!

Here are a few number problems for you to try.

Problem 1. You have been imprisoned at the top of the Tall Tower by the Wicked Magician!

You can get out by climbing down the ladders. As you come down you collect useful spells.

You can go down the ladders and through the doorways into an adjoining room, but you cannot go into the same room twice, nor climb up the ladders.

The numbers in the rooms show how many spells there are in each one.

Which way should you go to collect the most spells?

And which way to collect as few as possible?

Can you find a route that collects exactly 35 spells?

Problem 2. Two Dice.
If you add up the dots on the top you’d get 7 !
Roll the dice. Add the numbers that are on the top.
What other totals could you get if you roll the dice again?
Notes for adults

You will need two dice to play this game. The children can count the total number of spots on the dice or add them together using number facts they already know.
Record the results and explore the different totals that you can get.
Help them to find all the possible combinations.

Problem 3. Arrange the numbers 1 to 6 in each set of circles below.

The sum of each side of the triangle should equal the number in the centre of the triangular shape.#

Problem 4. Secret Number

This is a game for two players and a simple calculator.

Annie and Ben are playing. Annie puts her secret number into the calculator without showing Ben.

Annie then asks Ben, “What do you want to add?”

Ben tells Annie the number he wants to add. “I want to add four.”

Annie presses the ‘add’ button and then the four button. The calculator now shows ‘4‘. Annie gives the calculator to Ben..

Ben presses the ‘equals’ button and the calculator gives the answer ‘10‘.

What was Annie’s secret number?
How do you know?
You could play this with a friend. If you work out your friend’s secret number correctly, it is your turn to put in a secret number of your own. You could score a point for every one you get right.

Have fun!

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Primary 1! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Please write and draw your news to share with me.

On Wednesday we move to Microsoft Teams, usernames and passwords were given out on the app this morning. I will be continuing with my phone calls this week so I look forward to catching up with you if I haven’t already 🙂

There is a whole school competition to design a new banner for the school website. More information below:

Design a Header Competition Design a Header comp new

Sumdog Competitions

The Sumdog competitions start again today. This week there is a chance to win extra coins! See below for more details:

Sumdog Coin Rewards
Guess Who?

Can you guess all the Bargarran Staff when we were at school? You can let me know on teams what number you think I am. Have fun!

Friday 15th May

Good Morning and happy Friday! If you have been taking part tonight is Quiz Night! Have fun!

Well done everyone for all the fantastic activities you are getting involved in and the amazing ideas you are thinking of to keep busy.

Lots of you have been enjoying the scavenger hunts so you can try an outdoor or indoor one today…..or both!

Thursday 14th May

Morning Primary 1!

Primary 2, we are live on teams and today’s tasks have already been posted. Please let me know if you are struggling to get on and I can try and help you. Primary 1 are going live on teams next Wednesday. More information to follow on the school.

I thought I would post a lovely outdoor art activity for you to try today. Can you make a colour wheel with lots of different flowers and leaves? Examples posted below. Please send me a photo if you try it out.

Here is today’s Quiz Night challenge:

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning! It’s another beautiful morning outside and as I type this I can hear birds singing in the trees. Have you started noticing more nature recently? I would love to see and hear about all the lovely things you have spotted. Here is a photo of the new baby ducklings with their mum in my local park.

Wednesday 13th May is National Numeracy Day

Have a go at this scavenger hunt!

Todays Quiz Night challenge is to make a poster to advertise your quiz. Remember to include all the important details and make it bright and colourful.  Have fun!

Tuesday 12th May

Here is today’s Quiz Night challenge. Create a set of rules and a score sheet for everyone who is taking part!

Monday 11th May

Hello everyone! I hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.

A great task to start the week is to write your news. Remember to include capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Since our Movie Week Challenge was so popular, this weeks challenge is to create a Quiz Night!

Here is today’s starter challenge:

On Friday 8th May this week it is the 75th anniversary of VE day. This marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) Victory in Europe Day.

A  poppy is something we wear to remember the people whose lives are affected by wars.

Can you try to make your own poppy? You can be as creative as you want. This could be by drawing around your hands or even by  paint.

VE Day inspired games from the 1940s

Maybe you could try playing some of the games that were popular during the 1940’s.

Jacks, hopscotch, marbles, skipping

Two balls up the wall – Start slowly, hold two balls throw them up against the wall one by one and then catch them. When feeling confident add more balls or allow a bounce before catching.

Foursquare or Boxball – The only things you need to get started in a game of Four Squares are some chalk, a patch of concrete somewhere, a bouncy ball like a football and four people. Draw a large square and divide this big square into four equally sized small squares, numbered 1-4. Each player stands in one of the four squares. To start the game, the player in square four serves the ball by bouncing it in their square once and then hitting it towards one of the other squares. The receiving player then hits the ball to any other player in one of the other squares.  The ball must bounce in another player’s square, and they must hit it to another player before it bounces a second time.  A player may hit the ball before it bounces, if they choose to do so.   If a player hits the ball so that it misses another player’s square, or fails to hit the ball before the second bounce after it has landed in their square, they are “out”. When a player is out, the other players move up to take their place, and that player moves to the last square, or to the end of the line, if there are more than four players. The object of the game is to move up to and hold the server’s position.

Cats Cradle— In cat’s cradle, two people make shapes with string and pass them back and forth. To play cat’s cradle, you need: two people and a piece of string tied at the ends to make a circle.

75 Seconds — How many can you do: star jumps? Claps? Hula hoops? catch a ball? Create your own?

Movie Night Challenge Cards


Can you believe it is the last day of April today? A new month tomorrow is a good way to talk about the months of the year. Can you say them in order? Can you name the month in which you celebrate: your birthday, Christmas, Hallowe’en, Valentine’s Day etc.   There are lots of songs online to help you learn and remember them.

Do you know how many days are in each month? This is a great rhyme to learn to help you remember!

Scavenger Hunts

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 is Earth Day

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a celebration of the planet we live on as well as an opportunity to talk about climate change action.
All around the world people take part in events to promote climate action and encourage others to protect the planet.
Here are some websites which you might want to look at:

Maybe you could design a poster about our Earth and how we can protect it. Go outside and make something using the natural resources you find. Think about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and use some junk to make a model.

On your daily walk or in your garden collect some natural materials such as leaves, stones,twigs and petals and use them to make a collage picture. Then take a photo of it. You could also use them to write your name, form letters and numbers. Have fun!


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