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Bargarran Tuck Shop

Bargarran Tuck shop will open at interval time from Monday 11th September.  Chocolate bars are only available to buy on a Friday. Prices are as follows  :-

Fruit Winders  -30p , School Bars – 35p, Pom Bears -30p, Capri Sun – 30p, Dairy Milk -25p, Curly Wurly – 30p, Fruit Flakes – 30p & Popcorn -20p.


Update on Damage Caused by Recent Fire

On the evening of Sunday 23rd July a picnic bench outside base 2 was set on fire.

The fire resulted in damage being caused to base 2 and in particular the Active Learning room used by our Primary 1 pupils.


The Active Learning room for Primary 1 pupils will be relocated in another part of the school.

The school will be open as scheduled for all pupils on Tuesday 15th August at 9.00 a.m.

It is anticipated School’s Out will be able to operate as normal from the start of term. We would advise all customers to contact School’s Out for confirmation.

West College STEM Trip

Yesterday P7/6 visited Paisley West College to take part in some science experiments.

We learnt about the human heart and even got to hold a real lambs heart. We also learnt about magnetic forces, We used the magnets to separate iron shaving from sand and others powdery substances. The positive and negative sides of magnets were both attracted  to each other but the like sides would repel. We even got to learn about what type of finger prints we had on our fingers. Finger prints are all unique which means it’s a good way to catch criminals. There is  seven different types of fingerprints, some were really hard to recognise!

We had a great time!

Ben, Adam, Jessica and Lewis P7/6


World Book Day 2nd March 2017


World Book Day!

World Book Day falls on 2nd March 2017. Our pupils have the chance to dress up as a character from their favourite book. The whole reason of world book day is to encourage young children in Bargarran Primary and all around the world to enjoy reading. We are trying to raise awareness about how important reading actually is for children.
Please come dressed as your favourite character – if you can, bring an old book, comic or magazine to donate!
By Ben Lavety P7/6