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Book Trailers

We are making book trailers so that we can encourage other people to read a book we liked – Never Tickle a Tiger. Cameron and Logan wrote a first draft of a storyboard and then made teams to help them make the trailers. It is a very good experience and we love it because we are learning new skills.

Mr Liney had to learn too and he made this trailer for The Girl With the Yellow Bag, but ours will be better because they are for Never Tickle a Tiger! We will post them when they are ready

Sharing Assembly

We held a sharing assembly on Friday. Every girl and boy in the whole school brought a piece of work that demonstrated how we had learned new skills or developed skills we already had. Some people brought their Beautiful Thoughts poems and talked about their presentation skills and use of simile. Some of us brought our disgusting food from Mr Twit’s beard, maths work or pieces of collage. We were all pleased to talk about our work and how our¬†skills were¬†improving. We had to show good active listening skills, giving good eye contact, encouraging and asking questions.sharing