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Team Logan Presents…

It was really, really exciting and hard to make this book trailer and we hope you like it. If you have any questions, post a comment and now my team are going to write something.  – Logan

It was a very good experience making a trailer and it was tough but we got through it. We had to co-operate and work together. We had to listen to each other. We used literacy skills of visualising and summarising. – Murray

We could take turns writing. It was hard to listen to each other. Everyone had to be quiet except the  person speaking. – Annie

It was great to work together. –  Amelia

It was very exciting to make a book trailer and it was quite hard. We made it one at a time. -Andrei

We had to use listening, turn-taking, writing and spelling skills. It was hard to divide the jobs. – Aileen

Team Cameron presents…

We used our skills in thinking, reading, co-operating, writing, storyboarding and directing to make a trailer for Never Tickle a Tiger.

It was a very interactive experience – Jamie

I really liked making a trailer because seeing it after we’d made it was really amazing. – Sanjeevan

It was really cool being a leader because I had to help the group to make decisions. See you at the cinema! – Cameron

It was very cool working together. At the start I felt excited. When it was made, I felt proud.  – Calum

Hope you enjoy it,

Team (James) Cameron


Technical talk

The P3 and 4 boys and girls had 5 visitors this afternoon from P1 and 2 and we chose unanimously to share our learning about energy and circuits.

Mr. Liney laid out the equipment but we organised everything else. We worked co-operatively in groups of 3 and helped the wee ones to make a  circuit and taught them the science words for all the parts. We problem solved how to make a switch from classroom stationery and some of us went on to make parallel circuits.

A note from Mr. L.

It was a joy to hear the language used and the learning shared.

‘We call it a lamp. Bulbs grow in the garden.’

‘Will we make a simple circuit first?’

‘Can you see it’s an unbroken loop?’

‘This is a cell. Now this is a battery of cells.’

‘Righty tighty.’ ‘Lefty loosey.’

If you can explain it to a P1, you understand it, right enough!

Book Trailers

We are making book trailers so that we can encourage other people to read a book we liked – Never Tickle a Tiger. Cameron and Logan wrote a first draft of a storyboard and then made teams to help them make the trailers. It is a very good experience and we love it because we are learning new skills.

Mr Liney had to learn too and he made this trailer for The Girl With the Yellow Bag, but ours will be better because they are for Never Tickle a Tiger! We will post them when they are ready

Sharing Assembly

We held a sharing assembly on Friday. Every girl and boy in the whole school brought a piece of work that demonstrated how we had learned new skills or developed skills we already had. Some people brought their Beautiful Thoughts poems and talked about their presentation skills and use of simile. Some of us brought our disgusting food from Mr Twit’s beard, maths work or pieces of collage. We were all pleased to talk about our work and how our skills were improving. We had to show good active listening skills, giving good eye contact, encouraging and asking questions.sharing