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Green Screen magic!

Some staff have told us they feel a bit wary at the idea of doing green screen, thinking it will be a complex technical task that involves lots of effort for an admittedly great reward. Nothing could be further from the truth however- Green Screen by Do ink is an app that, within the space of three taps,  you can have your pupils reporting from every corner of the world or animating against spectacular backgrounds.

For example check out how to make a living Harry Potter type newspaper using the mask feature –

Check out the tutorials, resources and tips at



Seesaw – a parental engagement rocket!

screen-shot-2017-01-23-at-20-03-59 Seesaw is a new way for schools to engage with parents across Perth & Kinross. Seesaw empowers pupils to independently document their learning and provides an authentic audience for their work, pushing beyond the walls of the classroom. Seesaw gives parents and carers an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: “What did you do at school today?”


Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. Seesaw helps capture the learning process and not just the end result. Students can use Seesaw’s built-in audio recording and drawing tools to reflect on what they’ve learned or explain how they got their answer.

You can collect pupil work from almost any device – Seesaw exists as an app on tablets phones as well as the desktop. So as the day progresses both you and your pupils can capture the learning as it happens.

Parents can receive notifications on their devices just as they do with twitter and facebook and helps them engage in real time with the school and the classroom.seesaw-parent-apps-email-sms-android-iphone-ipad

To get you started lets have a look at what Seesaw is trying to do.

The whole process is really simple:

1: Teachers create a class. Each student gets their own journal stored in the cloud.

2: Students & teachers add artifacts of learning, like photos, videos, or drawings. Students add voice, text or drawing annotations to an item.

3: Teachers approve new journal items. Approved items are then shared with parents via app, text message or email notifications. Comments made by parents are approved by the teacher before parens see them

4: Over time, Seesaw builds an organised, digital portfolio of each student’s learning, accessible via iOS app or on the web.

The free version contains everything you’d want to be able to engage both pupils and parents. It’s both great and absolutey astounding that the Seesaw team do this. There is other fabulous functionality in the  full version like pupils portfolios following them around the school, the ability to match to assessment standards which you may feel is right for your school.

Schools will receive some information about important protocols for sharing Seesaw with parents and using it within the classroom. You’re under no obligation to use Seesaw of course but we think this will actually reduce workload – let pupils take charge of their journals! Check out these resources to get you started:

Teacher Overview – this guide lets you know what you are getting into and we think you’ll be excited about what it can do for your learners,  capturing evidence quickly and in real time – you can remove the drudge of sifting through and creating best work folios. With a digital portfolio it is much easier to see pupil progress over time.

Seesaw Help Centre – there are loads of tutorials and how-to guides and videos here from “How to invite parents” to “100 ways students use Seesaw”

Parental information



YAKiT Kids – anything can have a pair of lips!

Here’s a starter video for a great little app, YAKiT Kids, which allows you to take any image – be it drawn, taken from the web or a picture you have taken, and add a mouth and then record some speech and watch the lips move in sync. So what you may cry? How could I use this in my classroom?

Well, we’ve seen it being used with pictures from magazines or from museum trips taken of statues, pupils own Continue reading YAKiT Kids – anything can have a pair of lips!

Free apps from Duck Duck Moose!

Unbelievably the excellent apps developed by Duck Duck Moose for Early years pupils are now all free on iPad. There are loads of favourites here, from Chatterpix to Draw and Tell, these apps should add extra depth for your learners. Have a play yourself, they are great fun.