iMovie with Health & Wellbeing

The S3 Computing Science pupils developed their creativity and digital skills by planning and making movies around the theme of Resilience. Each of the three classes split into different teams and their productions followed the 54321 rule – 5 people, 4 scenes, 3 minutes, 2 props and 1 theme.

An Oscars ceremony was held (an awards handed out!) for all the suitable categories. There was real flair, sensitivity and humour threaded through each of the projects.

“This was a really engaging task which developed confidence and team dynamics. They were hardly off their feet. The iPads are so easy to use that it takes them no time at all to get up and running. We did have one 15 minute epic that one group produced and we still can’t figure out what it meant !”

We put together a compilation of all the movies to give you a taste of their work.