Uniform Latest News

Please note that this week is the last week of the 20% off M&S uniform sale. This applies to non-branded items, such as skirts, trousers etc.

There are new items on the site, the reversible jacket being one of them, but we are still waiting for several items, for example the ‘skort’ for girls (gym skirts with cycling shots underneath) and the burgundy polo shirts to name two of them. These items should become available in the next few weeks.

Portmoak Uniform Policy

We strongly encourage all learners to wear school uniform and to identify themselves as part of our school community. It is our opinion that when learners wear school uniform their behaviour, and therefore their learning, tends to be better. Portmoak parents have been consulted on the make up of our school uniform and on the supplier of our branded items.

Our preferred everyday items are:


Grey or white, shirt, blouse or white polo shirt (with or without a tie).
Maroon sweatshirt with school logo.
Black or grey trousers, pinafores or skirts.

Fleece lined reversible jacket with school logo
Black shoes – not trainers.

Our preferred items (to be available daily) in gym bags are:
Black shorts
White T-shirt
Black “light” gym shoes with non marking soles– not heavy “trainer” type
Optional – trainers and tracksuits may be worn for outside gym if desired

For Health and Safety, no jewellery is allowed to be worn during P.E. sessions. Pupils who wear earrings will need to remove them or tape them up before taking part.

Please note that clothing with designer labels or advertising should not be worn. Please mark all clothing with your child’s name with labels or permanent ink.

In primary 1, 2 and 3 an overall should be provided to protect clothing during art and craft lessons.

During the summer term, girls may, if they wish, wear school dresses in a red or blue checked material. Boys may wish to wear grey school shorts.

We recognise that chain stores and supermarkets offer suitable, self-coloured school-uniform items, but we do also have Portmoak Primary School branded items including polo shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. These are available from the Marks and Spencer online store.