Scottish Poetry Competition


Margaret Wilson (our retired Headteacher) and Alistair Morgan (from the Jolly Beggar’s Burns Club) had their work cut out once again this year when judging the winners for our Scottish Poetry Competition. Very well done to everyone who learned their poem. There was a big difference in the number of children who chose to compete across the classes this year, so we decided to award more certificates to children in classes where there was a lot of competition. The winners for the 2013 are:

  • P1/2: Karis Jeffrey and Ella Forbes
  • P2/3: Niamh Brown, Louis Scott, Finlay Clark and Lewis Dall
  • P4: Ryan MacFarlane, Katie Robertson, Emma Mitchell, Louisa Muszynski, Katie Chrystal and Emily Welsh
  • P5/6: Charlotte Smith and Krystyna Muszynski
  • P6/7: Alasdair Munro, Grace Cowie, Euan Cowe and Cameron MacFarlane

Winners from P1-7 received a certificate and the overall P7 winner (Cameron MacFarlane) received the Burns Quaich.