South Perth Community Action Plan 2014-2019


Community Action Plan 2014 – 2019

Community Views Wanted!We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey. We want to find out what local people inMoncreiffe, Craigie and Friarton think about their community and how you think it could be improved as a place to live in, work in or visit. Who is carrying out the Survey?The survey is being organised by South Perth Community Partnership. The South Perth Community Partnership supports individuals and groups in the South Perth area of Moncreiffe, Friarton, Craigie and South Inch to identify issues of concern, find local solutions and encourage more involvement within the area. The South Perth Community Partnership is made up of local people as well as a variety of other partners such as the police, local churches, schools, Perth & Kinross Council, local councillors, voluntary organisations and others.Your views really matterThe survey results will be used to help put together a Community Action Plan which will identify the main priorities for development in South Perth over the next 5 years. The Plan will help local groups to secure funding and support for the main projects and developments that people would like to see. It will also be the basis for making representation on behalf of the community and working in partnership with Perth and Kinross Council and other agencies and organisations.

Note: Ask for survey forms for all your household members – we are happy to receive more than one form back per household – so everyone’s views of all ages are taken into account.