Braco’s Got Talent

The show that everyone looks forward to every year, did not disappoint !

This year we had a mixture of singing, dancing, playing of musical instruments, magic, pogo/unicycle riding and impersonations!

Well done to our winners and everyone who took part. 

A big thank you to our judges(Prefects from Strathearn  Campus) and Miss Barnes and Mrs Fridge who helped to organise the event!

Scottish Celebration Afternoon.

On Rabbie Burns birthday, the whole school came together to celebrate this special day.

Each class performed songs or in the case of P6/7 , taught us new Scottish words. We also had the pleasure of listening to our marvellous P7’s playing violins.

We  had our annual Scottish Poem competition. Congratulations to all the children who represented their class in the poetry competition and our overall Bobby Muir Cup winner! A BIG THANK YOU to our judges who had a very difficult decision in judging all our brilliant finalists.

Health Week

The whole school enjoyed a range of activities for our Health Week.

These included the Smoothie Bike visiting us, 5 Star Athletics, the Castle Drive Run, P7 Athletics, healthy baking and Healthy Tuck Shop.

Thank you to everyone involved and all the parents who joined us on our run.

Christmas Events

Once again we had a number of events for everyone to enjoy.

These included the Christmas dinner, the trip to the Pantomime, The Nativity, The Christmas Quiz, The Christmas Party and finally the Christmas Service.

Thank you to everyone who helped out, contributed and came along to the different events!

Visit to the Panto Snow White and the 7 Dames

Panto Visit

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

P3-7 Christmas Songs before the Nativity

The Teachers & Children-The Noisy Nativity

The Children- Noisy Nativity

Mary, Joseph, Donkey and Angels

Mary, Joseph and the Innkeeper

Shepherds and Sheep

The Three Kings

The Whole Cast

Christmas Party

Christmas Party

P3/4 Christmas Service

Nursery and P1/2 Christmas Service

Guitarists- Christmas Service

P7 Christmas Service

Ardoch Strings Christmas Service

P5/6/7 Christmas Service

P1 Receiving a Bible – Christmas Service

P7 Receiving a Bible -Christmas Service

Christmas Quiz

Christmas Quiz

Spelling Bee

Well done to all the children who took part in our Spelling Bee competition. As well as show casing your spelling skills, just entering helped to earn points for your house.

Congratulations to our Class Winners and our Junior and Senior winners.



Pedal Cinema

We had the pleasure of having the opportunity to run a Pedal Cinema.

Alice Arnott from I Bike brought along two bicycles which had to be pedalled by the children in order for them to watch short films.

As well as being fun, this did help to teach the children about the importance of sustainable energy.

Thank you to Alice!