Our Skills Group News

This year we have five different Skills groups.

These include the Digital Dazzlers, Creative Crackerjacks, Eager Earthlings, Right Respecting Radicals and Brain Busters.

Brain Busters

Here is a snap of the Brain Busters Skills Group problem solving how to cross a swamp with only limited resources (lily pads) to get their whole team across safely. 

Creative Crackerjacks

Creative Crackerjacks have been learning in different ways including learning about symmetry and healthy foods at the same time. They have been making scratch cards to help learning and made Artwork for the school.

Right Respecting Radicals

Right Respecting Radicals are learning the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child.

Digital Dazzlers

The Digital Dazzlers have made a film about our values characters. They have story boarded their film and made props. They finalised scripts and learned how to use an animation app.

Eager Earthlings

The Eager Earthlings have set up mini challenges for the children to try to achieve Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. One such challenge is collecting crisp packets.



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