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Carse Children’s Market


On Sunday 7th June, pupils from Abernyte Primary took part in the Carse Children’s Market at Glendoick Garden Centre as part of their Big Weekend.  This was the culmination of a term-long Enterprise Project.


Lucy (P5) reports:

We sold cards and pictures with picture frames. Lots of people bought cards. Lots of people ordered cards and picture frames.”


Anna (P2) reports:

I   went   to   Glendoick   Garden   Centre.   There   was   a hanging   basket   demonstration,  face painting   bouncy castle and a raffle. I was selling pictures and cards.


Joshua (P7) reports:

First we took pictures when a person came to help us take pictures at our neighbour Barry’s. At his garden we took wild life pictures for fun.

Mrs Cox came and told us about the Big Weekend. At the Big Weekend this is where the schools around the Carse make their own products and sell them for charity or for school funds. As a school we decided to make frames, cards, notelets and triple frames using the photographs we took.

We started straight away and by accident we bought the larger cards than we wanted and it was a happy mistake. Then we had different jobs like stock control, badge maker and people who fold the cards. After that we kept on producing more frames and more cards until we went to the Children’s Market. At the Children’s Market we got to sell our frames, cards and notelets that we made in school. There were many other schools and a BBQ and face painting. It was really fun and we made a huge profit!”

Take Your Child To Work Day

Cara (P6) reports:

“At take your child to work day, your child gets to go to your work and see what it is like. When I went to my Mum’s work I was able to be in a work environment. It sounded quiet and everyone was kind to each other. It’s quite amazing how you imagine the place but when you get there it is different from what you imagined. When I was there, I could feel pressure in the atmosphere from the employees. It’s a great experience at how a job works when you go there. Children should go when they are old enough. Children can go when they are in P6 to S3.”