Big Bird Watch


Abernyte Primary is now in it’s 10th year taking part in the RSPB’s Annual Birdwatch.

Lucy (P2) reports:

“We were watching birds. We saw crows, lots of robins and blue tits.”

Molly (P7) reports:

“Abernyte Primary School does the Big Schools Birdwatch annually. This year our teams were The Green Mossy Chicks and The Stripy Red Snakes. The people in The Green Mossy Chicks were Lucy6, Ellen, Anna and I. The people in The Stripy Red Snakes were Cara, Layla, Bea and Lucy2. This year was the 10th year Abernyte School has done the Birdwatch. Because it is the 10th year we made a big Robin and a Bluebird out of our hands.”

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