Scottish Opera – Slim McBride

Rounding off a series of inputs from the Scottish Opera, P5-7 of Abernyte Primary joined up with pupils from St. Madoes Primary to put on a production of “Slim McBride and the Lost Tribe” for family and friends.

Telling the story of adventurer Slim McBride, the action-packed musical featured the wonderful and exotic people, plants, birds and animals of the South American rainforests and explored the threats that the modern world can pose.  Children were encouraged to ask crucial questions about the future of these magnificent forests, the eco-system that depends on them, and why it is so important that they be protected as part of a cross-curricular topic that covered Personal and Social Development, Citizenship, Geography and the Expressive Arts.

Playing the part of the rainforest animals, Abernyte pupils had a blast, made new friends and learned a lot.

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