The Olympic Torch Experience

On Tuesday our school went to see the Olympic torch.

We got there then we had to walk to Balbeggie school.

 We had to wait half an hour for it to come but then people came on a unicycle and another person came on pogo sticks.

After a while some bikes came and we shaked our flags from the school. It was brilliant and it was noisy. In that half an hour we got ribbons from the people – they were all the same colours. The last stop where the torch stops is Dundee. In some cars there were mascots. At last the torch came but loads of cars were in front of it. We waved at the mascots cars and everybody was really exited. It rained sometimes but nobody noticed. I had a fantastic day. I should remember this for a long time.     



In June, Abernyte School went to see the Olympic flame in Balbeggie. We had brought flags to cheer every one involved in the Olympic flame along. When I got to school we all did lots of work because we were leaving at 11:30am and I get to school at 9 o’clock. It was very nice to see other schools. Before the flame came there was 20 minutes to wait.  There were cars and people and jesters. When the flame came through, everybody waved their flags. I think we made the most sound even though we only have 14 people in our school. Everyone enjoyed it because we got to shout as loud as we could! All the traffic got held up. One of the people brought a teddy of the Olympic mascot and held it out of a car window.



On Tuesday 12th of June the whole school went to see the Olympic torch. When we got there we had to wait about half an hour. Then people came on a unicycle and jumpy shoes and then gave us ribbons to shake about and we needed to make lots of noise. There were lots of buses and cars with mascots on them and in them. They looked cool.

Then the man tried to balance a  unicycle on his chin and he did not fail. And the girl almost fell. Lots of cars and buses went past with little mascots just were the window was.  Then we needed to shout for how long the man could do a hand stand he could do it for long. A car almost hit the back of the lady she blew her whistle so loud it almost burst my ear drum – it really hurt!


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