Olympic Torch At Balbeggie

Today we went to Balbeggie to see the Olympic torch. We saw a funny man and lady. The man was on unicycle and he did a hand stand in the middle of the road. The lady had springs on her shoes and bounced in front of a car. Afterwards we saw the Olympic torch. It was gold with yellow and gold flames. We cheered and we waved our flags around .I had Jofli bear, Jofli had two flags so I had to carry three flags in total and also a twirler. I felt excited because I had never seen an Olympic torch before.



One sunny day, Abernyte Primary School went to Balbeggie at 11:30 to see the Olympic Torch. When we got there we had our pack lunch beside the village hall and it was beautiful. Then we went to see the  torch parade which included police,buses(with dancing people on the roof),many other vehicles and of course the torch.

Before the torch we saw someone on a unicycle that gave us ribbons and we had to be as loud as we could. As the torch went by ……….I was so excited I nearly burst like a big balloon. An 84 year old lady  was running and walking with the torch and it was so fun.



We had to wait for the Olympic torch to come. Some  Olympic  mascots  were  in  cars  and  were  waving  at  us.  Balbeggie School was across the road from the display. We were given flags to wave. We got to   keep them. It was really exciting with lots of people and very noisy with everyone cheering. Some times it was raining but   no one cared. I will remember this for a long time.


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