Olympic Torch Relay

The torch went through Balbeggie and we went to see it.

Some people in school may not see the torch in Scotland again so most people tried to have a camera with them and took photos.

Once we got there we had our lunch and while we were having our lunch we waved our flags at people passing by. The person to get the most people to wave back at them won.

Eventually some entertainers came to where we were. One of them had a unicycle and the other had some bouncy shoes. They said that if they gave us some ribbons then we had to cheer as loud as we could when the torch came to where we were. After that some cars came round and one of them was a Coca Cola one and I saw someone handing out bottles of coke. Next were some Olympic cars, then an RBS car. Coco Cola and RBS are sponsors of the Olympic torch relay. After that lots of police cars came and eventually the torch came. It was golden with lots of holes in it. We all waved our ribbons and shouted our heads off. Once they had passed some other policemen came past. Then we went back in Jim’s bus. On the way back we showed everyone our pictures.

A count down to the olympics can be found here.



When the Olympic Torch was about to come there were two funny entertainers. One was on very bouncy shoes and the other was on a unicycle (he was very good, so was the bouncy shoe person). They handed out ribbons is you cheered loudly. The person on the unicycle also did handstands. We where lucky that the weather was not as bad as in England because they had floods, we only had drizzle.

When the torch came to Balbeggie a 30 year old man walked proudly through the first half of the village. Then the man held the flame out to the lady who was 82 years young. The lady held her unlit torch and the man carefully passed on the flame for the lady to walk the second half through the village. Behind the woman there was a bus to collect her afterwards. There were lots and lots and lots of trucks, buses, cars and a few hundred people cheering very loudly.

The torch looks as if it is made out of gold, it is long, thin with holes and looks like an ice cream cone. I think that it was marvellous to see the people walking with the Olympic torch and imagine the amazing journey across land and water.



Abernyte Primary School went to see the Olympic torch in Balbeggie.

The Olympic torch came down from Aberdeen and was coming through Balbeggie. It was amazing. I thought the flame was marvellous. I could see the heat waves and the torch was golden. We were waving our flags at the passing drivers and then we saw the entertainment. There was a girl on bouncy shoes giving out flags and a man on a unicycle giving out flags too. I was recorded by the Coca Cola company and the other live camera twice. The atmosphere was really cheery and excited; we were all shouting. I was filming the passing cars, vans and lorries that were advertising things.

Rachael and Oscar had the Abernyte logo on two meter sticks and we all had a British flag and a streamer. I loved the way that they keep the same flame going up from London and all the way to the top of Britain and back. I guess there were  about 200 cars going past the road when the torch was about to come. The traffic at the end was really long. I really want to see the torch again.

I really enjoyed watching the torch.


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